Top 5 Best HD Android Zombie Games to Download & Play Offline

When it is a zombie game, the fun really is coming real quick as most of these zombie games are very addictive. Are you a great fan of Android Zombie games like me? I have specially picked the best five with high ratings and positive reviews on play store. They are very engaging, make you develop goose pimples and can also help kill that boredom. You can play it alone offline or with your friends online. This game article will give you a concise review of the best addictive zombie HD games to play offline in your android phone with their Google play store download links. Every gamer who loves shooting, adventure and action games will definitely love these zombie games. Moreso, they are free to download and play.
best zombie HD apk games

Trending 5 Best Zombie Games You Can Play Offline and Online on Android Devices

Now check out the game list.

Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2 - Best Android Zombie game

If you love world-saving zombie survival horror shooter games. In this game, you are giving the role to get into an assault with the zombie Apocalypse and save the world from a virus producing human mutations.
You get to take on different type of operations with your array of lethal weapons.This game graphics are at it bests and the game scenes and environment looks very lively and realistic.
Employ best strategies to win assaults while playing the game and enjoy the zombie FPS android game. Download and play this zombie android game from Google play store.

Into the Dead – Latest

Into the Dead latest version - trending Zombie apk offline game
Into the Dead portrays the story of a word overturned by zombie Apocalypse. You as a survivor have to move fast and run from the dead zombie while protecting yourself with the most destructive weapon suited for zombie.
You can experience the awesomeness and thrilling action of this game with your friend by playing it together and the game also support tablets. So that is a huge plus to why will want to Download this game! Download and play this zombie android game from Google play store.

Last Day on Earth: Survival

Last Day on Earth Survival - top Android Zombie horror game
Last Day on Earth – Survival unveils a post apocalyptic world in which an unknown infection destroyed almost all humans and turn them to zombies leaving only those who have resistance to the infection to try surviving.
You need to help your character to survive while tracking the health stats, collecting or creating weapons to kill many zombies.
Your character is upgradable, so you can also loot abandoned fortress and find other survivors. The main Goal is to live and endure all hardship. It is a game I recommend to all great fans of action-adventure zombie games. Download and play this zombie android game from Google play store.

Zombie Hunter: Sniper Apocalypse Survival Game

Zombie Hunter Sniper Apocalypse - best Zombie apk offline game

As it name implies, engage your character in assaulting zombies, hunting them down, raiding the world all to save the human race.
The world will end without you, you’re the only man surviving. So, you employ the use of your weapons to bring walking dead down and kick some zombie ass.
The graphics are at it peak, and it supports online and offline mode. So you have no problem playing it. Moreover, It can be downloaded for free. Download and play this zombie android game from Google play store.

UNKILLED – Zombie FPS Shooting Game

Unkilled - engaging Survival Shooter Zombie apk
This zombie HD game is very unique as you are given the chance to choose a character to join the WolfPack Team. Also, you are enforced with the task of eliminating the walking dead threat and get the dark origin of the plague.
Choose out of a wide range of guns and it’s special as it also has a multiplayer mode which works cool and seamlessly.
I just have to say this that the graphics is insane enough to make your mouth agape while playing.
This is obviously the last but not the least on the list as this is what we truly call a “Zombie Game”. Download and play this zombie android game from Google play store.
NOTE: If you wish to setup and play these zombie apk games on PC, all you need to do is to first download and install an android emulator for PC like Bluestacks. Then you just install the Apk file of the game on your PC. That’s all!


Have a good time enjoying those HD games and don’t forget, “Playing a game alone is good but with a friend is better and with friends is best and more engaging”. That why these Apk games also support multiplayer mode aside their default single play mode.
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