How to Start Peanut Burger Business: Production & Marketing Guide

Coated peanut burger making is one of the trending lucrative groundnut businesses these days, just like fried chin chin business and cake baking business. You can start up the business in a very small scale at first and then scale up with time. Peanut burger is simply a snack made mainly from groundnut, flour and some other ingredients for making the coating syrup. If you have been looking for where you can learn how to make homemade coated peanut burger, you are at the right place. I will teach from the practical approach because peanut snack making is one of my side businesses. You will learn how to prepare, package and market this snack in a small scale (homemade) from this tutorial article. I will also show you how to start the business in medium or large scale.

how to start up peanut burger business of any scale

Small Scale Peanut Snack Business Advice

There are some tips you need to know before embarking fully into this business.

  1. Always start any business in small scale. This is because not all businesses favour everybody. So if you wish to quit the business tomorrow, there would not be much loss. 20,000 naira can get you started.
  2. Generally, small scale businesses don’t yield much profit. So don’t expect to start making millions immediately you start this business. You have to nurture this business, enlarge your market, with time, your profit will rise.
  3. Always have a business plan, even if you are starting on a small scale. Don’t wait until you start on large scale before you develop a business plan. The plan will be like a compass, guiding you, so that you know how fast you are growing, the targets you have met so far, and how to improve.
  4. Do a market research and know how other local competitors are branding and packaging their products.
  5. Peanut burger making is not the only small scale business you can start. There are other lucrative business ideas.


If you need money for this business startup, then check out these international business grants for small businesses.

Small Scale Peanut Burger Production Tools and Ingredients

Tools and Requirements

I assume you are starting this business in small scale. I will try to reduce cost for you as much as I can.

You will be needing the following tools or equipment:

  • Stove, gas cooker or even Wood: I prefer gas cylinder because it saves time and cost on the long run. If you are running this business in the village where fire wood is readily available, you can use them as your heat source.
  • A large frying pot: The type that is use for frying garri.
  • A Big Frying Spoon.
  • Big iron sieve.
  • A big hollow bowl: It will be used for the coating. It can be rubber or stainless.
  • Another medium sized bowl for mixing the syrup.
  • 1 big tray: For sorting the groundnut. It can also be rubber or stainless.
  • Space on the floor, where you will be spreading the coated peanuts while coating more, to avoid stacking. You can spread empty, neat rice or garri sacks there beforehand. The coated peanuts will be spread on top of the sacks.
  • A small pot: for melting the butter.


  • I assume you are starting with a half paint of shelled groundnut (the small sized species).
  • A sachet of milk flavor, vanilla flavor and ground nutmeg, each.
  • Medium sized cooking margarine (butter): I recommend “Kings butter”. You will be using half of it.
  • ½ cup of powdered milk.
  • 3 teaspoons of baking powder.
  • 40 to 50 Cl. of hot water, but not at boiling point.
  • 1 cup of sugar.
  • 3 medium sized eggs, beaten (you can extra 1 for more smoothness).
  • 2 Liters of Vegetable oil, for frying. I also recommend “Kings vegetable oil”.
  • A paint of all-purpose flour, for coating.

How to Make Coated Peanut Burger – Homemade Peanuts Snack Recipe

I will break the procedure into the following categories: groundnut preparation, syrup preparation, coating process and frying process.

Groundnut Preparation

  1. First, sort the groundnut. Remove the spoilt ones. While sorting the groundnut, put half of the butter in the small pot and melt it over medium heat.
  2. Now pour the groundnut into a hollow, big bowl. Add about 2 tbsp. of salt and 2 cups of water.
  3. Allow the groundnut to soak for about 10 minutes. Then sieve them with the big iron sieve. Keep them in the sieve.
  4. Wash and dry the bowl because you will use it for coating.

Preparing the Syrup

  1. In a medium-sized bowl, pour the milk flavor, vanilla flavor, ground nutmeg, powdered milk, baking powder and sugar. Mix everything together.
  2. Pour the beaten eggs into the mixture and stir very well until it turns to a thick syrup and the ingredients have properly mixed.
  3. Then pour the melted butter and stir well, until evenly mixed.
  4. Add the water and stir again. This time, stir until every ingredient melts and mixed up well.

Congrats! You are through with the syrup preparation.

Peanut Burger Coating Process

  1. Pour about 1 cup of groundnut in the coating bowl. Add about 2 spoons of the syrup. Toss or shake the groundnut in the bowl until the syrup has touched all the groundnut in the bowl.
  2. Now sprinkle a handful of flour on top of the groundnut and shake the bowl vigorously, but carefully so that the groundnuts do not pour away. The best way to shake is to make the groundnuts move in a circular direction inside the bowl. Note that the groundnuts might be sticking together. So separate them manually from time to time.
  3. If the coating is looking dry, add a tablespoonful of the syrup. Shake the bowl again so that the syrup touches all the groundnuts. Then spray a handful of flour again and shake the bowl again. Repeat this process step until the flour has smoothly coated the groundnut.
  4. Then pour the coated groundnut on top of the rice or garri sack you spread on the empty floor space before now. Spread the coated groundnut to avoid stacking.
  5. Now start another batch of the coating process by repeating the above steps.
  6. Keep working in batches until you have coated all the groundnuts.

Peanut Snack Frying Process

  1. Put the frying pot on top of the lighted stove or gas cooker. Pour the vegetable oil and heat up the oil on High heat.
  2. When the oil has become very hot, pour all the coated groundnuts and start stirring. Stir at interval to make sure the browning is even.
  3. When the peanuts have turn light brown or to your taste, use the frying spoon to transfer the fried peanuts to the iron or rubber sieve. Don’t allow the peanuts to turn deep brown before you start transferring them the iron or rubber sieve, else the peanuts will burn before you are done.
  4. Now, pour the peanuts on top of the rice or garri sacks you spread earlier.  You can spread another rice or garri sack for pouring the fried peanuts if you are frying in batches and some of the un-fried peanuts are still spread on the first garri or rice sack. Allow the peanut to cool down a bit, but not very cold. Then transfer them to a heat-proof bag.

Congrats! Your peanut is ready for packaging.

Packaging and Branding the Peanut Burger

For the branding and packaging, I advise you to package them in small quantities. You can sell them as low as 50 or 100 naira per pack. You will need a label which you will insert in each pack. Give the label a professional design. The pack can be a chin-chin nylon. You will also need a sealing machine. A good improvise is a stapler with its pins. These are part of the things you need to get ready.

You can also package them in a 50 Cl. or 75 Cl. bottle. Then you paste the label on the body of the bottle using a gum. The price for the 50 Cl. can be sold around 500 to 800 naira. While the 75 Cl. can be sold around 1,000 to 1,200 naira, or even more.

Another option is to use a small transparent plastic plate with a label.

peanut burger in plastic container


How to Locate the Market for your Peanut Snack

I will advise you to first make sure your product has covered your immediate neighbourhood before you start going further. The best way to distribute your product is through retail shops. You can sell to them in dozen packs, with discounts.

Also supply to retail shops who sell around school premises because students make up a large percentage of total consumers of peanut burger. For example, I started mine while I was still an undergraduate. My customers then were my course mates. Then I moved further to the whole department, faculty and finally the entire school before going off camp.

You can also distribute your bottle peanut burger to shopping malls and super markets.

Since you are not the only person in this market, you need to find a strategy to make your product popular. The best idea is to make sure your product is very tasty. Another idea is to increase the quantity in each pack. This will attract more customers. But always know you are in for business. So make sure you make some gains after deducting your cost price.

If you wish to go further in advertising, you can run adverts on TV or radio stations. But this will be after you have covered your locality. You can also utilize social media like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn for advertising your product.


Going for Medium or Large Scale Production of Peanut Burger

If you are planning to take this business to another level, that is producing in a large scale, there are some automated tools and machinery you will need. Some of them are:

Peanut Coating Machine: This machine does the coating with ease and smoothly. With this machine, you can coat as much as 1 bag of shelled groundnut per day. All you need is to make enough coating paste or syrup.

peanut coating machine

Peanut Fryer or Oven: The fryer does the frying more efficiently. It fries them in batches. Another healthier alternative is an oven for baking the peanut instead of frying.

peanut frying machine - batch type

Peanut Sealing machine: For sealing the packs, especially if you intend to package them in smaller packs.

Sealing machine
Packaging Machine: Helps to package the peanuts and making sure each pack is equal. You will set the weight of each pack either in gram or kilogram. Then the machine does the rest.

You can buy a machine that does both the packing and sealing.

peanut packaging and sealing machine - all in one

You can check out these equipment online in stores like AliExpress, eBay, Amazon, Walmart, Jumia, or you browse online to see the store nearest to your location.

In order to reduce cost and increase your profit, I will advise you to buy these ingredients in larger quantity. For example, you can buy the flour and groundnut in bags. You can also buy the vegetable oil in big cans. These are the ingredients that cost much.

Also note that you will be needing more hands. So make provision to employ more hands. Each employee might be operating one of the machines.


About Joe-Kay Peanuts Snack

As I said earlier, I am fully into peanut burger business. The name of my product is JOE-KAY Peanuts Snack – very tasty, nutritious and crunchy peanut burgers.

Currently, we package in 100 naira packs, 50Cl. and 75Cl. bottles (1200 naira and 1500 naira respectively). We also supply in retail prices.

Below are the samples of our label and products.

joe-kay peanut label

joe-kay peanut burger small pack

joe-kay peanut burger bottled pack

You can contact us at “” or call the phone number on the label or through our social media pages to place an order if you are in Nigeria.



I have taken time to reveal all you need to know before starting homemade coated peanut burger business. I also revealed how to prepare and market the snack. You also learnt how you can scale up the business to make more money. Utilize these tips and become an entrepreneur. I also wrote step by step guides on how to start cake baking business and fried chin chin business.

Are you a student looking for some advice on how to be a successful student and in life? Check out these helpful success tips for students.

Feel free to drop your questions and inquiries in the comment section below. Share this tutorial article with your social media friends. Subscribe to this blog via email to get notified when we publish new entrepreneurship articles. Also follow us on social media. Enjoy!

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  1. Yusuff Ayobami says:

    Thank you for the enlightenment! Please, I would like to know if the coated peanuts can be baked in an oven instead of frying?

  2. Yes of course! After coating the groundnut with the syrup, you rub melted butter all over the coated peanut, then place it in a single layer inside a baking bowl and then place it inside the oven. Bake for 15 to 20 minutes in a medium heat or until golden brown.

  3. Fiker Bekele says:

    Found your article while searching about coated peanuts, and got very interested in this. I think I am going to this business, my only concern is the shelf life as this recipe consists ingredients like eggs and milk. What’s the shelf life of your peanut burgers? I totally appreciate the information you put out.

    1. Thanks Fiker for your kind words!
      I’m still testing the shelf life of Joe Kay peanut burger. But one of my customers told me that he once bought one bottled peanut from me and forgot it in one of his bags. He later found it after a month and to his surprise, it still tasted fresh.
      Here is another thing you need to know: Transfer the fried peanuts in an air-tight container once it has cooled down a little. It will last longer in an air tight container or package.

  4. Oyedeji Moses Adewale says:

    Please how can I see you? Because I need to start my own peanut business. Already, I am a machine operator, I can operate packing machines very well.

  5. Chinelo Precious says:

    Thanks so much Sir, though I usually prepare peanut for my family. I have been motivated by your teachings, I’m going to prepare and package for sale. Your recipe is special to me. Sir, how can I get Nafdac no. Thanks.

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