5 Best Ways to Appreciate your Employees as an Entrepreneur

The success of any business, both online and offline depends partly on how dedicated the employees are. That is why most successful entrepreneurs do not joke with employee appreciation. No matter the nature of your business, be it education, health, fashion or industry, you need to learn the best ways to appreciate your employees or staff. Appreciation of staff boosts their morale and makes them know that you value the efforts they are putting to the growth of your business. Therefore, they will always look for ways to improve themselves and also grow your business. You must not give your employees money as an appreciation. There are some other ways to show gratitude that your employees will value more than money. I revealed some of them in this article.

best ways to recognize and appreciate and say thank you to your employees

Employees are the work force of any business organisation. They play very important roles in every business. They serve not only your customers but also serve your business as a whole. The way you treat your employees determines to a large extent how they will treat your customers. Some staff resign from work most times because they feel that you don’t value their efforts. Some others become dormant because they feel that no matter the level of effort they put in, you will never show gratitude. Learn these tips and see your business moving to the next higher level!

Note this:

Recognizing and Appreciating your workers as an Entrepreneur is one of the most efficient methods of business promotion. Some Entrepreneurs see it as a waste of money. While others have used it to take their business to the next higher level. Make the right choice!


5 Best Ways of Showing Gratitude to Employees without Giving them Money

Before you think of ways to appreciate your workers as an entrepreneur, you need to set a criteria a worker must meet in order to be recognized. Also note that people have many talents and different characters. Your recognition criteria must be as such that it must not be very difficult to meet. You can set criteria based on the following:

  • The Most Punctual Worker: Your company’s attendance register can help you.
  • Worker with the Best Customer-Relationship: You can ask your customers to vote.
  • The Staff that has the Highest Ability to Work Under Stress
  • Most Dedicated Worker
  • The Worker with the Highest Years of Service, etc.

Free Lunch

This is one of the most important ways to appreciate hard working staff in your company. Some workers do not make budget for afternoon food. This sometimes affect their performance and their attitude to your customers. Depending on how buoyant your company is, you can make the available to all workers or pick some exceptionally good ones. Another strategy to take is to pick out some days of the week and give all your staff free lunch. For example, you might pick Mondays and Wednesday, or Tuesdays and Thursdays. If you wish to pick 3 days, you can make it Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The secret is to alternate it.

A lunch must not be very costly. It might just be a snack and a soft drink. The most important thing is to let them know that you are giving the lunch in appreciation of their hard works in the company.


Scheduled Picnics and Game Time

Here is another awesome ways to boost the morale of your employees. You can schedule a day in a year or twice in a year when you take some of your hard working staff on picnic to some popular places. It might be a beach, a museum, etc. You can also build a game house for staff or schedule a game day for your staff. You can set a little fee for any staff and then give a free ticket for hard-working staff to go and play games there.

You can also collaborate with a gym center and pay a day fee for these staff. You can also pay a month fee, if your company is buoyant enough.

This will help to ease off some stress and also help improve their health conditions. “All works and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, they say.

Get Together and Company Award

This is another amazing way to show gratitude to your workers, especially the hard-working ones. Get together are usually scheduled at the end of every year, or even twice a year. You use this avenue to reward hard-working staff of different categories. For example, the worker with best customer relationship, the most punctual, the most dedicated staff, etc.

You can give them awards or certificate of recognition and excellence and also promise to give them more surprise packages in future time. This will make some lazy staff sit up and put in more effort.

Prepare a Social Media Recognition Platform

There are many ways to recognize and appreciate your hard working employees through social media. One of the ways is through “Shout Outs” in your Social Media Business Page. You can announce the staff as the Best worker of the week or month. And then encourage your social media fans to congratulate them.


Give them Some Work-Free Days

This can come in form of a leave. No matter how small it is, even it is a day, workers will appreciate it. The length of the work-free days will be determined by how large your company is. If you have other staff that can replace the hard working staff, extend it so that they can use this period to refresh themselves. You will notice that when they resume for work, they will put in more effort. Also, other staff will be working harder to enjoy this privilege.


NOTE: Improper planning of customer recognition can bring revelry among workers. Make sure they understand your criteria for picking the hard-working staff.

Some Popular Employee Recognition Platforms

There are some popular websites that specialize in giving you special advice on how to appreciate your workers. They also give you some award templates, incentives and gifts. All you have to do is to sign up with them. They all have a demo plan. If you enjoy it then you can go for a paid plan.

  • Kazoo: The platform of choice for companies of all sizes.
  • BlueBoard: The platform makes it easy for companies to give meaningful employee rewards, incentives and gifts—from one-of-a-kind to once-in-a-lifetime experiences.
  • Bonusly: An engaging recognition and rewards platform that enriches your company culture.


Customer recognition and appreciation play a very vital role in every company’s growth. Try out these tips and watch your company grow both in revenue and customer-experience. If you need more business advice, read these successful entrepreneurs advice and wise quotes.

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