5 Best High Spec Tecno Android Smartphones Under N50K ($150)

One of the features of Tecno android phones is affordability. The company manufactures smartphones with high specifications at a cheap prices. Whatever is your budget criteria is; quality front and back camera, high ram, rom size, wide screen size or battery life, Tecno gives you the best. In this phone review article, I will reveal the best Tecno android phones with about 2GB and 3GB ram you can buy below 50000 naira (approximately ($150) with their key specs and prices.

best cheap tecno smartphones with about 2 to 3gb ram size

Tecno has always been on top of sales in the android phone market, starting from the eras of java phones. They challenged Nokia. Infinix and itel, producing phones with same specs or even higher at a cheaper price. They have maintained the same trend in android market. Even a budget of 20000 naira can fetch you a Tecno smartphone with a good spec and battery.

Top 5 Tecno Android Phones with 2GB or 3GB Ram Under 50K Naira

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Tecno Camon 11

Tecno Camon 11 cheap android phone

This is one of a kind mobile phone you can get on a very cheap price, Since this mobile phone came to existence, selfie lovers have testify a lot about the device.

Tecno Camon 11 came with so many features apart from the camera this mobile phone possess.The device run on android 8.1 oreo, have a screen size of 6.2 inches, battery life of 3750 mAh, 3G Ram, 13MP + 2MP for the back camera and 16MP for the front camera, etc.

The phone runs on 2G, 3G, 4G LTE network and also features 16GB for internal storage. This phone is one of the best when compare to other android device and it’s very cheap to afford. So you can now get this device for yourself as a selfie freak who cannot afford Samsung and other costly phones for your selfie activities.

The price of this device is 48,000 naira very cheap when compare to other android product.

Tecno Pourvoir 2

Tecno Pourvoir 2 high spec android at affordable price

Tecno Pourvoir 2 is another device that will blow your mind. When talking about the features this device possesses, this is a device that offers it users with a very good HD resolution for a perfect display. The camera of this device is one of a kind. So selfie freaks don’t need to worry themselves while getting this device.

This device runs on android 8.1 oreo, features screen size of 6.0 inches which offers a very good HD for good resolutions. The device features 13MP for back camera and 8MP for selfie camera, ram size is 2GB. The battery life of the phone is very good as it features 5,000 mAh which is far more better than so many android device.

Tecno pourvoir also features fingerprint for security reasons, 16GB for internal storage and Network that runs on 2G, 3G and 4G LTE. As for the price, you can can get it in Jumia or anywhere online at the rate of 49,800 naira.

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Tecno Spark 2

Tecno Spark 2 best cheap wide screen smartphone

Tecno Spark 2 is been rated base on its performance, the device came in a bigger size than other tecno smartphones and it’s very good for people that can’t let a day pass without seeing a movie. The phone also feature a very good camera for your selfie like other top tecno products.

This device runs on android 8.1 oreo, It features a screen size of 6.0 inches which is very good for watching your videos. The battery life of this device is very disappointing as it features 3500 mAh battery life. The camera is quite satisfying when compare to other android device as it features 13MP for the back camera and 8MP for the front camera.

The device also come with fingerprint for security reasons, 16GB for the Internal storage, Network that runs on 2G, 3G and 4G LTE and the price is very okay for someone that have small money as you can get it at 40,000.

Tecno Camon CX

Tecno Camon CX best low price high resolution android phone

This device is an upgrade to camon 9 and no matter the amount you get this device, it worth it. This device is strictly meant for selfie freaks because the fantastic camera this device have and it has a very good HD resolution for a very good display.

Tecno Camon CX runs on android 8.1 oreo with screen size of 5.5 inches not big like other tecno phones. The camera of this device is another good thing this device offers to it’s users as it features 16MP for both back and selfie camera. The battery life of this device is also disappointing as it feature 3200 mAh battery life which is not good comparing to other tecno phones i have listed above.

The device also feature fingerprint for security reasons, Internal storage of 16 GB, Ram size of 2G. The price of the phone worth (40,000), in fact tecno need to add up the price of this product as it have a very convincing feature apart from the battery.

Tecno Camon X

Tecno Camon X best 3gb ram android phone

A better upgrade of Camon CX, and is one of the best cheap tecno products, if not the best. The only problem am having with this device is the battery life span. Apart from that, this device comes with a very good features more than its predecessor tecno camon CX. The camera of this device is better than some top android device including samsung,huawe and iPhone products.

Tecno camon X runs on Android 8.1 oreo, have screen size of 6.0 inches, runs on Network that features 2G, 3G and 4G LTE. The battery life of this device is 3750 mAh of which is very disappointing though it’s an upgrade to CX for it’s still not up to task when comparing with other android device in terms of battery life.

The device also features fingerprint for security reasons, 3GB ram and internal storage of 16GB. The price of the device worth it as you can get it at rate of 49,300 naira.

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Now feel free to make your choice. Choose the Tecno smartphones that met your specs and price budget. Tecno is ever going further to produce high quality android phones at a very affordable price. If you are from Nigeria, check out these devices on Jumia, Konga or any other online mobile stores. For offline shoppers, feel free to check some local mobile stores in your locality.

Have you used any of these Tecno devices or do you have any contributions to make? I will like to read them in the comment section below. Don’t forget to click a share button below to help your social media friends get a high quality Tecno smartphone at a very cheap price.

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