4 Best Ways to Make Money from Affiliate Marketing

There are many strategies you can use to start making money in affiliate marketing. I have tried many affiliate marketing strategies. The first 2 strategies I will reveal below gave me the best result. For the first strategy, you will need an active blog or website. For the second strategy, you will need just a landing page. I will also mention some other promotion strategies for making money via affiliate marketing without spending money.

ways to promote affiliate products and make money with or without a website

How to Make Money from Affiliate Marketing – 2 Best Promotion Methods

First Strategy: With a Blog

Here you will need to have a popular or active blog or website that gets its traffic mainly from social media and search engines. Now research and discover products with very high demand. Write a detailed review about the product. Optimize the review article so that it ranks high on search engines. Add your affiliate link within the article content and set it to open in a new tab.


Now share the review across various social media platforms, especially, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and Quora.

You can even run paid traffic ad campaigns for the article. But make sure the campaign setup is in line with the policies of the affiliate network. Most of them require that you don’t use the brand name as ad keywords.

Use ad trackers to check the performance of the paid ads, so as to make sure your ROI is high. You might need to create multiple ad campaigns and then compare their performance.

If you have push notification setup for your blog or email subscribers, you can notify them about the new product review articles. When these blog audience read the article, they will discover the product. Now because the product has high demand, many of them will be interested to buy it.

Make sure you choose the product with a comparatively low price so as to entice them the more. Once they click on the link, it will direct them to the product page. Once they buy the product, you earn your commission.

Second Strategy: With Just a Landing Page

It all starts with traffic. You need to first channel traffic to a landing page containing your free offer in order to collect email addresses from your site visitors. This traffic should come from your favourite traffic source. Once visitors arrive at your landing page and enter their email address in exchange for the free offer, their email address will immediately enter your auto-responders database, where you have a pre-written sequence of emails that will be sent to these subscribers.

Once the subscribers submit the email, they will be redirected to your “thank you” or pre-sell page, where they will be pre-framed so that they can purchase your product at a low cost or be given more information about your business.

Using the weight loss niche as example, you can give away a free report on the top 10 foods to avoid in order to lose weight quickly. Once the subscribers submit their information, they will be redirected to a “Thank you” page where you will recommend a $5 natural detox guide or provide further information that will contribute to the value of your product.

The sales copy on the “Thank you” page can be something like:

Thank you, I have sent the free email provided. You will receive it in a few minutes. While you wait, here are some benefits of a natural detox...

Proceed to explain the benefits. After the explanation, you can now recommend a $5 step by step detox guide (this is the affiliate product you are promoting) written by an experience nutritionist.

Additionally, you can provide your subscribers with another free offer that complements the original offer. For example, after the subscribers have claimed the free report, you can offer them free access to your Facebook group, ask them to subscribe to your YouTube channel. This is a strategy to further utilize the leads. It also helps you to recoup some of the money invested on paid traffic and even earn more income.


Other Ways to Promote Affiliate Links without a Website

1. Leveraging the Power of Social Platforms

You can use social media and other social platforms to create awareness for the affiliate products you wish to promote and also market it via these platforms. Some of the recommended social platforms for affiliate marketing include: Pinterest, Quora, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

All you need to do is to create pages and groups in these social media platforms, and then dedicate them to your affiliate products. You can also search, like and join social media pages and groups that are related to your affiliate marketing niche. Then you write engaging and educative contents and then share them in these social media platforms. At the end of each content, you can now drop one of your affiliate links to a related product. Some of your audiences who find your content helpful may wish to check out the affiliate product and may as well, purchase the product. Once the order request is processed, you will earn a commission.

With this strategy or method, you don’t necessarily need a blog or a landing page to promote your affiliate products. One of the disadvantages of this affiliate product promotion strategy is that you might not be able to get the email addresses of your customers.

Alternatively, you can create a free publication section in platforms like Medium.com and then apply the above strategy.

2. Promoting your Affiliate Products through Guest Articles

Some top affiliate marketers utilize the power of guest blogging to promote their affiliate products and make money. You can also utilize this strategy as an affiliate marketer.

What you need to do is to search for some popular blogs and websites with high domain authority (DA) that publish contents related to your affiliate marketing niche. Then you email the admins of these blogs or websites and declare your intention to submit and publish a guest article on their blog or website. Once your request is approved, you write and submit an engaging guest article on a topic related to the affiliate product you wish to promote in the guest article. Then at the end of the guest article, or within it, you drop the affiliate link of the product. Once the guest article starts ranking high on search engines, your affiliate link will surely convert, and you earn commission on every purchase from the affiliate link.

Note that most popular blogs charge a fee which you must pay before your guest article will be published on their platform. If the fee is within your affiliate product promotion budget, then you can go ad ahead and pay it. Alternatively, you can look for blogs that accept guest articles for free.



You have learnt the 4 best and easy ways to promote your affiliate products and make money. Feel free to choose a strategy that best suits you. You can also combine 2 or 3 of these suggested strategies when promoting your affiliate products. For example, if you have a blog, you can also leverage the power of social media platforms to get more traffic to your blog posts, which will in return increase the conversion rate of the affiliate links in the blog articles.

Feel free to drop your questions in the comment section. Enjoy!

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