Complete Affiliate Marketing Niche & Keyword Research Guide

In order to succeed as an affiliate marketer, you need to find a niche that is very profitable, where you earn a reasonable commission. You also need to know the right keywords that buyers in that niche usually search when buying a product. There are many thing you need to consider when finding a profitable affiliate marketing niche. You also need to make sure you can thrive in the niche you are choosing. the first thing to check if you can survive in a market niche is your competitors and the marketing strategies they use. I will reveal everything you need to know about affiliate marketing profitable niche research (especially those with low competition) in this tutorial article. You will also learn some keyword research tips.

affiliate marketing niche and keyword research guide for beginners

What is an Affiliate Marketing Niche?

Affiliate marketing niche is a segment of the total affiliate market you wish to concentrate your promotion on. For instance, you might wish to promote affiliate under any of these categories: health and fitness, food, sports, gaming, eCommerce, travel, dating, web hosting, etc. Each of these categories is a niche which make up the affiliate market. Your target for any of these niches is to reach out to as much consumers or buyers in that niche as possible, so that you can make more sales.

If you are new to affiliate marketing it’s recommended that you concentrate more on profitable niches with low competitions. Then as you advance in the game, you can for highest paying affiliate marketing niches.

How to Find a Profitable Affiliate Marketing Niche with Low Competition

One of the factors that allow you to earn huge commissions is through selecting the right niches. The following are some important steps for selecting the best niche with low competition.

1. Brainstorm 

You’d be surprised how the people around you could assist you in choosing the best niche. Ensure that you have something in common. This allows you to have an easy time deciding on the perfect niche.

2. Identify your Challenges 

Start looking at all the things troubling you all. Where there’s a challenge, there’s a money-making opportunity. You have to be honest with yourself in order to ensure you may come up with the best niche.

3. Select the most Profitable Problem 

For instance, if you are a young adult, one of the problems you might be having is money, or more specifically, how to make money online. Now, you could decide to promote a platform that allows young people to make money online. This becomes so much easier to promote because you have a wealth of information that will help you promote the product.

4. Understand the Problem 

Just because you are aware of the problem doesn’t mean it’s enough. Commit to understanding the problem in a much deeper way so that you can know how to make the most out of the situation.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Profitable Niche

The following are some of the vital things to consider when selecting a profitable niche.

1. Market Value 

It is important to enter a niche with substantial market data. This allows you to be able to estimate your earning potential. Generally, you want to stick with niches with a high market value. When the market value is high, it shows that the customers are responsive to the products, and this allows you to make more money.

2. Past and Current Trends 

By studying past and current trends, you are giving yourself the chance to predict what could happen in the future. Studying past and current niche trends allow you to be comfortable in your decisions and to forecast what may happen. Analyzing the past and current trends promote your creativity and empower you to make the most of the situation.

3. Understand the Problems of your Niche 

It is important to accurately understand the problem that is going on in your niche. When you have a clear understanding of the problem, you have a decent chance of turning things to your favor. But when you don’t understand the problem thoroughly, you are more likely to lose out.

4. Audience Passion 

Passion is one factor that pushes us into taking certain actions. You want to ask yourself whether your audience is passionate enough to convert into customers. You have to pick an affiliate program that will be received well. This allows you to make money. However, if your target audience has little to zero passion for your product, obviously, your earning potential will be greatly compromised.

5. Target Audience Spending Power 

You also need to understand that promoting a niche isn’t enough, but your target audience should have the means to buy whatever you are promoting. Passion alone is not enough. Thus, if you are promoting a product which price tag is beyond the ability of the target audience, it doesn’t matter that they need the product, but still, they won’t have the capacity to buy.

6. Nature of the Products 

As an affiliate marketer, you will be promoting products of a different nature. You want to select a niche whose products can be handled well by your audience. For instance, if you are promoting products to an audience in a third world country, it is far more profitable to sell informational products, as opposed to tangible products because the infrastructure to receive these goods might be lacking.

7. Competition 

Some niches tend to be particularly competitive. Do you have the potential to withstand this competition? Ensure that you are adequately prepared; otherwise, look for a niche where there’s less competition. This is especially so if you don’t have the budget to sustain a powerful campaign. But also ensure that you develop your strength so that you won’t always have to shun competition. It is important that you develop your content and strengthen your marketing game so that you may increase your profits and establish your presence as a thought leader.


How to Study your Competitors in Affiliate Marketing

You certainly don’t want to be the sort of person who says they are doing their own thing and fail to watch what their competitors are up to. You want to be the person who keeps an eye on what your competitors are doing. When it comes to studying your competitors, the following are some of the things you should keep in mind.

1. Go beyond Google Search 

For most people, Google is the first thing they turn to when they want to find out about their competitors. But then Google is not enough. In as much as you can learn a lot from the information seeded in Google, there’s still a lot more to learn by using targeted tools. Ensure that you use tools that help you take a closer analysis of Google’s results. There are various tools in the market to help you develop a keen understanding of your competitors. Once you have more understanding of what your competitors are up to, you develop the inspiration to improve your marketing campaigns.

2. Look at their Social Media Handles 

Your competitors aren’t only seeding content in search engines like Google. There’s a lot more they are saying on their fan pages on social media. You want to follow and like them so that you may understand what is going on in their lives. Social media will allow you to see the various vulnerabilities of your competitors, considering the fact that it promotes a “loose” environment. By keeping track of what your competitors are saying on Social Media, you are in a position to guess their train of thoughts, and thus it gives you the inspiration to improve the success of your marketing campaign.

3. Ask your Customers 

Your new customers might very well be wonderful sources of information about your competitors. When you bag a new customer, just reach out to them and find out whom they had been transacting with before, and why they decided to cross over. Ensure that your questions are well formatted so that it might seem natural, or else you will cause the customers to get on guard. Never fail to engage your customers. Always ensure that you provide quality services and products to your customers so that you may have an enabling environment for feedback.

4. Work with People who know about your Competitors 

Another way to acquire valuable information about your competitors is by working with people who have insider knowledge, particularly former employees of your competitors. They might have left their former employers in good or bad terms, but that is irrelevant; once they come on board they are supposed to help you get to the very top, and revealing critical information about their former employers is part of the deal, but then you don’t want to act pushy about it. You certainly must ensure that you are respectful.

How to Define your Niche Market

The affiliate marketer needs to narrow down their target audience. You don’t possibly have the resources and capital to market and sell a wide range of products. Thus, it is important that you stick to a sizable target audience so that you may be able to maximize your earnings. The following is a step-by-step process of defining your niche market.

1. Create a Wish List 

The first step is to find out precisely the entities that you want to do business with. This means you have to be as specific as possible. For instance, if you are marketing software, don’t lunge at every software company that you come across on the internet. Instead, concentrate on software companies within a certain locale, and that generate a certain amount of income. This ensures that you stay focused and deliver quality products. The market is always too big, and an affiliate marketer is never enough to satisfy the needs of that market.

2. Acknowledge your Resources 

In order to be a successful marketer, you have to make the best use of your resources. You have to be honest with yourself about your capabilities and the distance you are willing to go in order to turn up a profit. If you are not honest with yourself, you will end up hijacking your potential and affect the success of your marketing campaigns. But when you are honest with yourself about the resources you have, it increases your capacity to grow your business.

3. Bring Out the X Factor 

Almost any niche you can think of, you are going to face competition. But if you have the X factor, you are always going to stand out. Ensure that you always have the X factor. This means that you should have great appeal and show your target audience that you are offering something they cannot live without. The X factor makes you stand out and look like someone who’s well aware of what they are doing. In order to stand out, ensure that you think through your business model, and find out the needs you are going to be fulfilling with the product or service that you are promoting. Failure to think through your business model might deny you success.

4. Test your Marketing Campaigns

In as much as you believe in your capacity to succeed while promoting certain goods and services to a certain target audience, don’t be overconfident. Overconfidence can lead you to incur tremendous losses. Ensure that you always test your campaigns in order to ensure that you are running a profitable campaign.

Highest Paying Affiliate Marketing Niches with Low Competitions

Here are some of the highest paying niches that don’t have high competitions (most of them are evergreen):

  • Virtual Reality
  • Gaming (especially blockchain gaming – play to earn)
  • eCommerce
  • Software and Mobile Utility
  • Finance (especially insurance and crypto)
  • Gambling/Casino
  • Education
  • Wearable (wrist watches, sunglasses, etc.)
  • Dating
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Sweepstakes and Surveys
  • Health and Wellness (especially weight loss and dietary supplement)
  • Food and Grocery Delivery
  • Fashion
  • Music

5 Helpful Affiliate Marketing Keyword Research Tips

Keyword research is an important thing. You need to be thorough about it so that you might scale the profitability of your campaign. The following are some incredible tips on how to perform keyword research in affiliate marketing.

1. Know your Customers 

You want to be the type of person who understands precisely who you are looking to attract. For that reason, you must put extra effort into identifying your target audience. Ensure that you are aware of your target audience at all times. Knowing your customers means that you must be willing to put the extra effort into identifying the sort of people that surround you and understand what they are hoping to get from you. There are various tools to help you target your customers well and make the best use of that opportunity. Always ensure that you are well-versed with the kind of people you are dealing with, and this should help you come up with the right keywords.

2. Analyze the Keywords you are Targeting 

Don’t be too hasty in choosing a keyword. Always take your time to understand the best keyword for you so that you might be able to optimize your campaigns. There are many tools that make it possible to analyze keywords and ensure that things are in order. Take advantage of these keywords and ensure that everything is in order. Through proper analysis of keywords, you are in a position to understand the ones that suit your business and business model most. However, when you don’t engage in keyword analysis, you deny yourself the chance to witness the best possible results, and this could greatly hinder you from running a successful marketing campaign.

3. Analyze your Competitor 

In the early days of the internet, the competition was pretty low, considering people were busy being creative and diversifying the markets, and that not too many people had ventured into making the internet dollar. However, at the present moment, as an affiliate marketer, you have got to be pretty aggressive. This means you have to keep looking at what your competitors are doing. Be that person who’s aware of the things that your competitors are up to. In that sense, you will have the capacity to position yourself so as to win against the competition. If you fail to watch your competitors, you are going to greatly water down the effectiveness of your marketing, and in worse cases, fail to make a profit.

4. Rank for Special Features 

Understand all the special features at your disposal and try to rank for them. In this way, you have to be willing to look at the best feature of your marketing campaigns and use all the tools at your disposal to highlight these features. By so doing, you increase your capacity to attract more targeted customers to your affiliate links.

5. Position Keywords Appropriately 

Ensure that you put the keywords in the right places. This will ensure that your marketing message is very well propagated and that the search engines will rank your content very highly, and as a result, there’ll be valuable customers landing on your page. Some marketers get the keyword-positioning off, and this contributes to the failure of their marketing campaigns.

However, if you manage to get it right, which means if you manage to seed the keywords naturally within your marketing content, you are in a position to boost your profits and run successful campaigns. On the other hand, if you don’t understand how to place keywords, you are at risk of sabotaging the profitability of your marketing campaigns.

Some Recommended Affiliate Marketing Keyword Research Tools

Below are some of the best, recommended keyword research tools for affiliate marketing (both free and paid):



You have learnt how to discover a profitable affiliate marketing niche with low competition, tips for choosing a profitable affiliate marketing niche, how to study your competitors, how to define your niche market, free and paid keyword research tools and tips, and some affiliate marketing success tips. Feel free to apply these tips in your affiliate marketing business. You can also drop your questions in the comment section below. Enjoy!

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