50 Affiliate Marketing Success Tips & Tricks for Beginners

To an extent, the difference between successful and unsuccessful affiliate marketers might be down to knowledge. The more an affiliate knows about their trade, the easier it becomes for them to run successful marketing campaigns. There are many affiliate marketing tips and tricks to help marketers become successful. Thus, a marketer must never tire of digging up new trends and acquiring new ideas on how they may maximize their earnings. In this article, you will learn some important affiliate marketing tips and tricks that will help you master the game faster. You will also learn some costly mistakes new affiliate marketers make, dos and don’t of affiliate marketing, and the various forms of affiliate marketing frauds.

affiliate marketing tips and tricks for beginners

Powerful Success Tips and Tricks for New Affiliate Marketers

1. Know Your Audience

Ensure that you have complete understanding of the people that you are targeting. When you have complete understanding of your target audience, it allows you to utilize the right marketing channels, and run winning campaigns. When you have complete understanding of your audience, you have tremendous power and it helps you scale the profitability of your marketing campaign. Knowing your audience comes down to having great understanding of your product and understanding what need it fulfills or what problem it solves. It is also critical to use great tools to help you capture important information about your target audience. In this way, you have the capacity to understand what your target audience is truly about.

2. Be Trustworthy

Nothing would get your customers to run away from you as fast as cheating them. And make no mistake about it. There’s no little trick you can pull to make your customers blind to the fact that you have scammed them. Some affiliate marketers are not necessarily scammers in the sense of cheating their customer out of their money, but rather, they simply fail to meet expectations. The affiliate marketer might send out an inflated advertising message, and once the customer is hooked, they later find out that the product or service is far different than what was advertised, thus they have a bad impression of that business. Always ensure that you are sending out accurate information.

3. Be Kind

Being kind means that you have to treat your customers with patience. You must not act entitled. When you approach your target customers with a stinking attitude it will only serve to send them the opposite direction. But when you are kind it shows in how you talk to and interact with your customers. People will be genuinely happy around you. When you are a kind business person, it builds your reputation, and your customers take it upon themselves to promote your business. On the other hand, when you are hostile and inconsiderate, people will keep a wide berth from you.

4. Be Transparent About Affiliate Relationships

Don’t try to position yourself as the creator of a product or service when you are clearly not. Some affiliate marketers think too highly of themselves and they can’t help but deceive their audiences. Well, this is what you have to understand. You cannot deceive people for long. Eventually, they catch up with you, and the consequences are quite bitter. Thus, ensure you are disclosing your affiliate relationships so that your target audience might know you are just a marketer and not the creator of the product or service.

5. Select Affiliate Products Carefully

One of the most important factors for success in affiliate marketing is selecting the best product. Ensure that you consider your abilities before you decide to promote a product or service. For instance, if you have a background in finance, you are in a position to make great headway by promoting finance-related products. But if you have a background in real estate, you would do great promoting real estate products. But then affiliate marketing allows people to promote the products they have always wanted. So, it is not a must you have a related background, you only need passion, but then you need to be aware of how your product selection sits with your resources. For instance, if you run a blog that educates pregnant women on how to lose weight, it makes sense to promote health-related products as opposed to financial products.

6. Try Different Affiliate Programs

You don’t want to work with the same program or merchant all the time. Most successful affiliate marketers have worked with different merchants and affiliate networks. This helps them weed out the low-quality merchants and affiliate networks and stick with those that bring in the best results. At present, you can gauge the effectiveness of an affiliate network by checking out their reviews on internet forums. If the networks are scamming affiliate marketers, you will surely know about it, and if the networks are incredibly great for marketers, you will still know. Thus, ensure you are trying out many different networks.


7. Write Ever-green Content

One of the best channels for marketing products and services is the use of website content. If you want to attract customers through search engines for the long haul, you need to create quality ever-green content. Thus, ensure you write timeless content. When you have quality content, it ranks top on search engines, and that way people will always be clicking on your affiliate links. Also, ensure that you have a simple writing style. This means you must refrain from big words and stick to the language that even a kid would understand.

8. Be Patient

For some crazy reason, newbie affiliate marketers imagine they can receive their first paycheck within one week of trying out affiliate marketing. It doesn’t work that way. In order to become successful in affiliate marketing, you need to put in the work, and this means you might go for a while without seeing positive results, depending on the niche that you select. Affiliate marketers who are not patient are likely to act out randomly and water down the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. But when one is patient they have the capacity to put in the work and wait until the fruit is ripe.

9. Increase the Visibility of your Website

Having a website is not enough. It should also rank well. After all, what’s the use in having a website that is ranked page three or worse? It takes tremendous hard work to get your website to rank on top search results. Apart from creating amazing content, ensure that you also engage in content promotion, so that there might be links pointing back to your website and increase its ranking. Also, ensure that you have mastered keyword research so that you might be able to attract super-targeted customers to your website.

10. Gain a Great Understanding of your Competitors

Don’t turn away from them. By watching what they are up to, you gain inspiration on how to tackle them. However, if you don’t watch your competition, they might get the better of you and kill your business. Another way to increase your website visibility is through SEO. Ensure that your website has great SEO – both on-page and off-page. Increasing your website’s visibility, or in other words outranking your competition, comes down to being a hard worker, and staying consistent with your marketing efforts.

11. Optimize your Website for Mobile Users

If your website is not mobile-friendly, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. You are literally throwing money away. Ensure that at all times your website is optimized for mobile. And this is simply because more people the world over are accessing the internet via mobile devices as opposed to PCs. Thus, when you make your website mobile friendly, people will easily engage with your content and convert into paying customers. On the other hand, if your website is not optimized for mobile traffic, then mobile users will abandon your website and walk right into the arms of your competitors.

12. Create an Engaging Discussion

If you want to be truly successful for the long-term, your aim shouldn’t be only turning a visitor into a customer and then tossing them away. You need to create a family so that every last of your customers may feel as though they belong. This ensures that you have a tight family of customers who are ever ready to contribute positively. With the existence of social media, you can create fan pages, and ask your customers to subscribe, and then come up with interesting threads so that your customers may contribute. The more you do this, the easier it becomes to promote awareness, and such an activity improves your reputation.

However, if you have a tendency of discarding your customers, they will have no incentive of turning back to you when they need a similar product or service. Thus, ensure that you are always engaging your customers so that you may be able to improve customer loyalty.

13. Don’t Rely on a Single Traffic Source

One of the major mistakes that affiliate marketers do is always relying on one traffic source. This is incredibly risky. Normally, when an affiliate marketer is starting out, they have a tendency of trying out many things, and sometimes they have the bad luck of setting up campaigns that are not profitable, but once they hack a combination that works, they stay faithful to that traffic source even when the offers change. The fact is that different traffic sources are excellent for different affiliate offers. And for that reason, you cannot afford to tie yourself down to a single traffic source.

You need to keep testing various traffic sources and eventually you will gain deep insight as to what traffic sources work best for various affiliate offers.

14. Always Research

You don’t have to be the victim of poor decisions anymore. We have the internet now. If you are not sure about something, you only have to log on to the internet and eliminate your doubts. By always conducting research you are in a position to improve the efficiency of your marketing. Apart from running researching via Google, you also have social media groups comprised of people that share similar philosophies, and such people would be tremendous help in the research process. Do I mean to say that you can go to a Facebook group and pose a question and expect great answers? Yes! But then observe the rules of decency and respect. Also, there are many question and answer websites that should help you gather the knowledge you are looking for.

15. As a Beginner, Start with Affordable Tools

When one is a newbie, it’s not like they have a bottomless well of resources from which they can fund their marketing campaigns. Newbies need to use their resources wisely in order to run successful marketing campaigns. One of the ways to run successful campaigns is through ensuring they use free or freemium tools. This allows them to save resources. If you have a small budget you want to use Freemium tools in your marketing so that you may be able to extend your run. However, once a newbie starts to pull in the dough, it is necessary that they invest in great marketing tools, for this will greatly scale the profitability of their marketing campaigns.

16. Stay in Touch with Peers

If you can work the courage to drop your ego and work together, your peers can be a great source of knowledge on what works in your industry. But then you want to be careful that you don’t drop all your secrets for that would be akin to selling yourself out. But then it is beneficial that both parties help one another out. At the end of the day, when you exchange information, that’s a mutually beneficial arrangement. You cannot possibly know everything. Thus, it is important that peers exchange relevant information.

17. Have Self-Belief

It might seem cliché, but it is incredibly important. You should always think highly of yourself. You should consider yourself to possess the power to achieve your marketing goals. If you are not psychologically prepared for success, it can become very difficult to achieve your goals. Self-belief stems from having self-awareness and feeding your mind with positivity. Of course, you will meet disappointments, but you must condition yourself to overcome these disappointments and attain success.

18. Believe in the Product

Apart from having self-belief, it is also important to believe in the product. This means that you should take the extra step of using the product so that you already what it feels like to use these product or service. Of course you cannot possibly use every product or service you will promote. But generally, once you have understood what a product is like, you are likely to be more passionate, and this should drive more sales.

If you use a product and realize that it’s a flop, remember you are responsible of your customers, so it is wise to drop the product and look for an alternative. For instance, if you run a health fitness blog, and you are marketing a supplement, and upon trying this supplement you find out that it is low-quality, you need to do away with it.

19. Organize your Products

You don’t want to be the person that runs a disorganized affiliate marketing business. You need to be aware of all your products and have them in an orderly fashion. For one, you need to have your products in a product table, and this will help you know the exact products you are promoting, and also it will help you perform an analysis on the products that are performing well as opposed to those that are performing poorly. When you organize your products you are in a position to optimize your campaigns and achieve great profits.

20. Create Engaging Content

One major characteristic of great content is that it has been broken down into easy-to follow steps. Thus, when you are creating content, ensure that it is well broken down, so that people may engage with the content pretty easily. Highly engaging content is an important factor in boosting sales conversions.


21. Encourage Referrals

It might immediately seem to be the case, but word of mouth is a tremendous form of marketing. If you have a website, never tire of reminding your audience to always refer your website to your friends. People are wont to take seriously what they have been told by their friends. Thus, encourage your customers to spread positive vibes about your business and in no time you will achieve tremendous sales.

22. Comply with the Laws

Don’t be one of those people that like bending the law. There’s no need to. Ensure that you are always operating within the laws without having to take advantage of your customers. For one, you have to disclose the fact that you have an affiliate relationship with a network or merchant and that you are gaining monetary benefits. You also have to be frank in your reviews and avoid exaggerating in an attempt to pull the customer in and get them to convert. Failure to comply with affiliate marketing laws could not only send your customers the opposite way but it could very well land you in trouble with the authorities. So, always ensure that you have that in mind.

23. Have a Learning Mindset

Never go into affiliate marketing thinking that you have all the answers, because you don’t. Just ensure that you are always aware of what is taking place and have the sense to take advantage of trends that are advantageous to you. When you see trends that are really paying off, ensure that you take advantage of them, and as time goes, you will start reaping huge benefits.

Another aspect of having a learner’s mindset is ensuring that you keep in touch with your peers. Never mislead yourself into thinking that you can do it alone. Trust me, you can’t. You have to have the mindset of someone who’s looking for new ways to improve their economic situation and you must never tire of improving your status.

Also, there is an ocean of classified affiliate marketing information on various membership sites and you might want to join those sites and see what they can do for you. This will go a long way in ensuring that you have the best tips on increasing your earnings.

24. Use Affiliate Tools

Don’t be the type of person who’s so economical that they don’t value any affiliate marketing tool. Generally, when you deploy tools as part of your marketing arsenal, you are in a position to increase sales conversions, and run profitable marketing campaigns. Always ensure that you are using powerful tools to improve your marketing game. There are both free and paid affiliate marketing tools. Ensure that you work within your budget. You certainly don’t want to constrain yourself too hard that you cannot perform anything else.


25. Track your Results

Ensure that you are always tracking your results. You don’t want to have the wrong approach in business and end up ruining everything else. Ensure that you are always following to see how your marketing campaigns are faring. In this way, you will be in a position to determine the profitability of your marketing campaigns.

When you track your results, you are in a position to determine what is not working well for you, and this gives you the power to make necessary changes so that you might be able to run profitable campaigns. You will find that most successful affiliate marketers are heavily invested in tracking their results. And this tendency not only saves them thousands of dollars but it helps them optimize their campaigns so that they may maximize their earnings.

26. Check your Website for Errors

There are many things that could affect the proper functioning of your website, key among virus attacks. Thus, it is important to perform regular checks on the state of your website. This will help you repair your website and ensure everything runs smoothly. When you check your website for errors on a regular basis, you boost the efficient running of your business, and this boosts your conversion rates. On the other hand, when you desert your website, there’s a chance it might get bugged, and then lead into performance problems, and this could affect the profitability of your marketing campaigns.

27. Don’t Be Blinded By Payouts

Some affiliate marketers are so blinded by the commissions that they won’t stop to look at other equally important factors and then they end up making poor choices. It is always important to select the best affiliate program overall. Thus, ensure that you take your time to select an affiliate program.

28. Invest in a Great Website

You don’t want to be one of those people who create cheap websites and then wonder why they cannot pull in search engine traffic. In as much as quality is the number one determinant of high search engine ranking, we cannot wish away the technical aspect of things.

The fact is marketers who invest in powerful and reliable web-hosts and generally arm their websites with great tools are in a much better position to rank higher as opposed to marketers who slap together a $5 website and upload substandard content. When you have a professionally done website, sales conversions are definitely going up, because customers consider websites to be a key indicator of what type of person they are transacting with.

29. Learn from Successful Marketers

Successful affiliate marketers can help you climb your way to success too. But you have to be careful about how you approach it. You certainly don’t want to come out of nowhere and claim to want the successful affiliate marketer to coach you into becoming a successful affiliate marketer; that reeks of entitlement. You need to first offer value to the top affiliate marketer and then once you have a relationship you should position yourself as a learner and get the successful affiliate marketer to show you the ropes. By learning from the best you are equipped with all the tricks on how to beat the odds and achieve the success you have always desired.

One of the easiest ways to get the attention of these top affiliate marketers in your niche is by visiting their websites and dropping helpful and meaningful tips in the comment section. Once you have dropped enough useful comments, contact the top marketer via email. Get in touch with him from time to time. With time, he will freely reveal some marketing tips that has helped him attain that great height in affiliate marketing.

30. Focus on Being Helpful

One of the reasons why most affiliate marketers fail to run a successful business is simply because they are obsessed about converting sales. Well, that’s the wrong approach. An affiliate marketer should just obsess about being helpful to people. You should be looking to help people make the right choices and alleviate their problems. This mindset causes people to become sold on your products and they come away thinking highly of you.

When you are helpful, you are in a position to attract more people to your business, and build your reputation. Here’s the thing. Everyone is looking to fulfill their important needs. No one really cares about the next person. Thus, when you are helpful you are indirectly stroking their ego, and they will return the favor by becoming loyal customers.

31. Keep an Eye on Frauds

If you are not careful, you could very easily fall victim to an affiliate scam. You could run into an outfit that portrays itself as an affiliate network when it’s really a solo scammer in a third world country looking to make some little money off of you.

One of the common characteristics across all affiliate network scams is that they rarely communicate. They will take forever to reply to your emails. And once you learn about their dirty little scheme they swiftly block you. Affiliate scammers have got to be some of the most cold-hearted humans out there.

Costly Mistakes that New Affiliate Marketers Make

The following are some of the common problems that newbie affiliate marketers make, and these mistakes can cost them their affiliate marketing career.

1. Trying to make Money without Being Ready to Work 

One of the commonest problems with newbie affiliate marketers is trying to make a quick buck, and it never works out. It is hard for a newbie to make money right away because they don’t have any content, they have no affiliate marketing knowledge, and no one trusts them. Thus, it is important that you first concentrate on building your content, and once you have a steady stream of traffic, then you can start serving out your affiliate offers.

2. Not Collecting Emails 

As an affiliate marketer, you must remember one thing “the money is in the list”! Thus, your number one mission is to get the email addresses of your leads. Once you have their email addresses, you are free to market the products to them. Some affiliate marketers make the mistake of not gathering their leads’ email addresses, and this puts them in a worse situation.

3. Choosing a Niche they know Nothing About 

If you look at most successful affiliate marketers, you will realize that they are promoting programs and products that they are passionate about. It is important that you select a niche that you are passionate about. If you are not passionate about a niche, it will show, because you will be less likely to create and market content. But if you are passionate, you will be self-driven, and you will scale the heights of success. Here is a guide on how to choose a profitable affiliate marketing niche.

4. Publishing very Low Quality Content

You have to recognize that affiliate marketing, thanks to the nonexistent barriers, attracts all kinds of desperate people – desperate for making money, and the first thing such people do is to publish low-quality blogs and laden the blog post with affiliate links. Of course, the search engines reject such content, and this means the affiliate marketer earns nothing. Thus, it is important that an affiliate marketer focuses on creating powerful and evergreen content so that they might be able to run a profitable business.

5. Not using Products they Recommend 

As an affiliate marketer, your work is to create honest reviews about various products so that your audience might try them out as well. Thus, it is incredibly important that you try out a product before you recommend it to other people. If you have not tried a product and you recommend it anyway, and then your audience ends up buying and subsequently finds out that it is a scam, you have betrayed their trust. A significant chunk might opt out of your mail list and choose to do business with someone else.

6. Relying Solely on Google Traffic

It’s true that Google is the grand-daddy of internet traffic. But then you have to diversify your traffic sources if you want to increase your campaign profits. Ensure that you are working with alternative traffic sources, particularly traffic networks, and this should help you run winning marketing campaigns.

7. Spamming 

Desperate affiliate marketers who are probably starving might think that flooding their target audiences with unwanted marketing messages is the way to go. Of course, this approach always fails, and it might put them at risk of account termination from the other end. If you have a tendency of sending out spam, just stop it, else it’s going to get you in trouble.

8. Not Valuing Customers

As an affiliate marketer, always ensure that you hold your customers in high esteem. At the end of the day, they are the ones that support your business. One of the common ways that affiliate marketers fail to respect their customers is by ignoring their requests. Ensure that you answer your customer concerns at all times. This is what gets them excited about working with you. The nicer you become to your customers, the more loyal they become, but if you treat them like trash, you leave them no option but to desert you. Here are some of the reasons why should value your customers and treat them well.

9. Writing Irrelevant Content 

As an affiliate marketer, you must always write relevant content, for this is what attracts your target audience and causes them to take action. If you have a tendency to write irrelevant content, it means that you will attract the wrong crowd, and this will greatly inconvenience your earning capacity. If you don’t possess great writing skills, ensure that you work with people who possess great writing skills, and you will soon create awesome content.

10. Jumping into every Affiliate Program 

Affiliate marketers also have the problem of jumping around, joining affiliate programs, and quitting just as quickly. Ensure that you are always measured in your approach with affiliate marketing programs that you join. Ensure that you don’t come off as unhinged. Just engage in thorough research beforehand and then select one program. And then focus on promoting the offers. Being focused, you will be in a position to transform your life.

11. Not Mastering Customer Psychology 

If you want to increase your affiliate marketing profits, you absolutely have to put yourself in the shoes of your customers. You have to think like them. But so many affiliate marketers have a very robotic way of doing things. They seem to want to promote products in a very rigid manner, and this stops them from appealing to their target audience. Thus, ensure that you always master your customer psychology so that you may be able to generate great sales.

12. Not Researching 

Some affiliate marketers also don’t engage in research, and this causes them to suffer significant losses. When you are researching your content, it helps you stand out, and more customers will want to do business with you. But when you are not engaging in any research, you are likely to come up with low-quality content, and people will give it a wide berth. Always ensure that you research your content.

13. Scamming 

A scammer is the equivalent of an online gangster. They are pretty ruthless. Some affiliate marketers take advantage of the anonymity of the internet and scam people. If you are into that type of behavior, best be assured that your days are numbered. Eventually, your cover will get blown, and people will know you for what you are. Ensure that you are always conducting honest business. As long as you are running an honest business, people will come to you, and you have the potential to make tons of profits. But if you start to scam people, you will only end up with regrets.

14. Promoting the wrong Product 

As an affiliate marketer, you need to have the capacity to understand the connection between what you are promoting and the content that you have already created. For instance, if you operate a blog in the health niche, it is important that you stick to promoting health products, primarily because the readers that your blog attracts are focused on improving their health. Ensure that you promote the right product at all times, and you will see an increase in your campaign profits. If you are promoting the wrong thing, you will undermine your earning potential.

15. Copying and Pasting 

As an affiliate marketer, when you develop the tendency of copying and pasting other people’s ad copy, you come across as extremely low IQ. If you have the common sense to understand what a product or service is all about, you certainly can manage to create a powerful marketing message that will stir your target audience and get them to convert into customers.

Various Forms of Affiliate Marketing Fraud

As an affiliate marketer, you have to be aware of this huge challenge faced in affiliate marketing, which is affiliate marketing scams or fraud. In order to last long and create a great business, you must be willing to stay away from the fraud of any kind. Marketers who fraud other people usually have a bad ending, and they are unable to create a great business. The following are some of the affiliate frauds that you should stay away from:

1. Click Farms 

You may sign up for an affiliate program to promote a product and get paid per valid clicks you send. But then, instead of sending valid traffic, you buy clicks from a click farm. This is usually where low paid workers are paid peanuts to spend an entire day clicking on ads. By sending traffic from click farms, you are frustrating the business of your merchant and killing the industry in your own way. But thank goodness there’s a powerful technology to detect click farms, and once you are caught engaging in such fraud, you are summarily kicked out without any compensation.

2. Spamming 

As an affiliate marketer, you should go about your business without bothering everyone. But then there are affiliate marketers who assume everyone should get in on the action and they start sending out spam. This can be very annoying on the part of the targeted person. Some people might even go ahead to report your affiliate ID, which could very well put your account on the line.

3. Ad Stacking 

On your website, you are supposed to put one ad on an ad spot. If you put more than one, it means the impressions will count even though the target users will not see the intended ads. This causes the merchant to lose money. Again, it is unwise to engage in such fraud because most affiliate networks have the technology to determine when you are ad stacking.

4. Stealing Credit Card Details (Formjacking)

As an affiliate marketer, you may have a portal where you require people to submit their credit cards. However, some fraudster affiliate marketers might decide to steal credit card information and use it illegally. Stolen credit cards are a huge “dark” internet business, but it leaves the victims distraught. Stay away from defrauding your target audience so that you may be able to build a powerful business. You can learn more about formjacking in this article.



You have learnt some of the powerful success tips and tricks for affiliate marketing beginners. You also learnt some of the costly mistakes that new affiliate marketers make, which hurt them throughout their affiliate marketing career, dos and don’t of affiliate marketing. Finally, you learnt the trending affiliate marketing frauds to watch out for. Feel free to apply these affiliate marketing tips, tricks and advice revealed in this tutorial article. It will help you build a strong base in your affiliate marketing career.

Feel free to drop your questions in the comment section. Enjoy!

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