5 Best Android Tennis Games to Download & Play Offline

Tennis is another engaging sports. Be it lawn or table tennis, both are very addictive. If you love playing tennis on fields, then you will also enjoy these recommended games we dug through play store and other mobile stores to discover on your android device. Most of these apk games have been available for a while. They have amazing 3D graphics and animation that will make you feel as if you are challenging a friend physically.

best table and lawn tennis apk games to download

Personally, I love tennis games so much, especially law tennis. Once I wear my wrist band and tennis shoes, I can challenge any champion. But whenever am not physically fit, I prefer to play tennis game on my android device. I have also played the game on my PC with the help of an android game PC emulator. You can also try it!

Top 5 Offline & Online Tennis Apk Games Recommended for You

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3D Tennis

3D Tennis apk game download guide

One of the best android tennis game that can blow your mind. 3D tennis comes with a lot of mind blowing features, this is the first game that came with 3D graphics with genuine physics system. You get better the more you play the game as you have the opportunity to try quick game in order to improve your skills and know how the game works.

3D Tennis is a mind blowing game with an amazing features like I said before. Apart from the quick game play, you still have world tour mode and Grand slam tournament to participate in the quick play is just for you to know and master how the game works.

This game give you the opportunity to choose any tennis player of your choice to play any tournament of your choice. You don’t need to have extra skills to start achieving big on this game. All you need is to know the necessary move and the game will go smoothly with a very good console provided for you.

Stick Tennis

Download Stick Tennis android game

The graphics of this game make it to look exceptional and what more can I say about this game? It one of the best if not the best tennis game I have come across with.

Sticks Tennis has seven modes with 10 tennis court around the world. The game allows you to choose your favorite tennis player. You will also compete with world top tennis players in other to overcome everyday challenges from your opponents. To achieve much on this game, you need to start by taking practice in the casual set tennis club. To increase your rank in the game, you can replay your daily challenges events in order to be rank more in your region.

Tennis Champion 3D

Tennis Champion 3D best multiplayer apk

Tennis Champion is another tennis android game that comes with 3D graphics and simple swipe to play your game smoothly. One unique thing about this game that makes it differs from others is the online multiplayer mode. With this feature, you can connect and play with friends around the globe. Just in case you can’t connect with your friend on his/her phone, you can quickly split your android screen to connect and play with friend. That’s another thing that make this game spectacular.

Ultimate Tennis – 3D Online Sports Game

Ultimate Tennis best 3d online apk game

This is one of the most unique tennis game in android device. A game that comes with a very good simulator and a very good graphics that will blow your mind. This game allow you customize your favorite tennis player in order to participate well in the tournament. Ultimate Tennis offers a multi-player mode that allows you to compete online with any of your friends around the world.

Virtua Tennis Challenge

Virtua Tennis Challenge best android offline game

If you really want to experience real tennis on your android device, Virtua Tennis Challenge is here for you. In this apk game, you can compete with 50 players on different stadium around the globe. You can either play in singles or doubles (multiplayer) it depends on what you want.

Virtua Tennis Challenge is a game where you can unleash top spins, lobs and slice shot just to make sure you do anything possible to win the tournament. The game comes with many modes like SPT world tour, Exception matches, multiplayer mode, quick match mode and train mode. With all these modes the game possesses, you need to work hard and stay patient in other to go far on this game.

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I have gone this far to ensure you get the best from these recommended tennis apk games. Feel free to follow the download links from google play store and other mobile game stores. Challenge a friend and catch fun!

Do you have any suggestion or question? Feel free to share it in the comment section. Don’t forget to help us reach you friends by just clicking a share button below. Also subscribe to our blog via email to get notified once we drop new game articles or update this post. Enjoy!

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