5 Best Android Basketball Games to Download & Play

Basketball is one of those popular sports with billions of fans all over the world. Just like soccer, the game ranks high in countries like USA, Philippine, Australia and Canada. If you are a fan of basketball, then you will surely like to play the game on your android phone. We have dug deep on Google play store and other mobile store and discovered these 5 best basketball games you can play on your android device.

best basketball apk games to download and play for free

The first basketball I tried was NBA 2k17 Apk. There are also later versions like 2k19. Apart from NBA, I have tried 3 out of the 5 basket ball games I revealed in this game post. You will also enjoy them! Most of these basketball android games have high quality graphics with smooth animation.

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5 Top Basketball Games to Play on Android Devices

Ketchapp Basketball

Ketchapp Basketball apk game

One of the best if not the best android basketball game you need to try out as a basket lover. The only thing you need to do in this game is to swipe the ball into the basket and hit as much as you can in other to come on top of the game.

Ketchapp basketball comes with four mode which are Endless, Time Challenge, Bounce and Multi hoops. In endless, your main objective is to shoot the ball into the provided basket without missing any of your shot. You are also provided with enough time to shoot your ball so no rushing just feel relax and play this mode. Time challenge mode is more like opposite of endless mode.You have to shot the ball as much as you want but you have to limit to do that. Bounce mode is another tricky and stressful mode but with time you will get used to it and become a professional.

While playing bounce mode, the ball need to hit the wall before entering the basket. So the more you bounce, the more you are score. Multi hoops is another difficult mode in this game as you are provided with more than one moving basket, s for you to score point you have to shoot the ball in such a way that it will goes from more than one basket in a single shot. The more you score and reach new levels, you will be able to unlock new balls and basket balls in the game.

Basketball Shoot

Basketball Shoot android game download

This is another easy games in android device but you won’t know when you spend the whole day playing this game. The game come with a better graphics than ketchapp basketball. So is more like an upgrade to it as you have to swipe the ball with your finger on your screen and shoot as much as you can to score and move to more difficult level.

In this game, you don’t have opponents to compete with. It is just a ball and basket but there are limited number of balls you will get so you have to make your shoot with and the more you score. That is when an additional ball will be added to the balls you are using for the game. There are so many basket and balls in this game, but before you will be eligible to use them, you have to unlock them by finishing your missions.

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Basketball Battle

Basketball Battle android apk free download

There is only one aim in this game, and that’s beating your rival before he does, so you have to master everything about this game before engaging yourself in the game but you can still learn with time because the more you play the more you get familiar with the game. Here in this game you will face your rival one on one in a full court where you are expected to display your shooting and dribbling skills. This will enable you score more point than your rival before he achieve that before you.

Basketball battle provide a team where only two people are to play in the game but it will be one after the other all you need to do is to move the console left (where you see the arrows to move your player back and front). You also move right (where you have an arrow for shooting).This is a game you can easily earn rewards once you complete all the stages on the map. You can easily play on a split screen with your friends provided you have an android with big screen.

Basketball Stars

Basketball Stars best multiplayer apk game

This is the first online multiplayer basketball game for android with a very good 3D graphics. Your main aim here is to score more than your opponent before a given time.

This game have two modes which are Attacker-defender mode where your job here is to defend while your opponent is attacking you. You also attack while your opponent is stopping you from scoring, all you need is just to wait for your turn to attack and defend. The last but not the least mode if not the toughest mode is Shooting race where you have to score more than your opponent in the giving time. There are still rewards for any winner in each mode. You can easily customize your player the way you want him to be with the provided accessories in the store. The game still have career mode for those of us here that don’t joke with career game.

Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect basketball brain game

This is the most complicating basketball I have ever witness in this life as a game player. But you know what legends are meant to conquer tough things in life. That’s why you have to beat your hand on chest and tell yourself that you can go far in this game no matter how difficult it appears to be.

Dude perfect is not all about shooting, dribbling and scoring goals. It is a game where you have to think and make different angle and different method in other to make your ball enter the basket. To make this game easy for you, use bowling balls while playing in other to break through hurdles that can stop you from hitting your targets. There are more than 100 levels in this game and it get tougher the more you go. But you can still use power ups to clear the levels that may seem difficult to pass.

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I just revealed the 5 best basketball android games apart from NBA. These games are available in Google play store and other online mobile game stores. Feel free to check them out, download and play them on your android device.

Have you played any of these basketball game or do you have any contribution? I will be glad to hear your opinion in the comment section below. Help us reach your social media friends by clicking a share button below. Also feel free to subscribe to our blog for free via email to get notified once we publish new game articles or update this post. Enjoy!

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