7 Best Easy to Use Remote Desktop Software Tools for Any OS

Remote Desktop Software is a sort of software or an element which awards consent to the local system work area condition to run remotely in one of the systems. At the same time, it is entirely some other system. In basic terms, Remote Access Software encourages the client to get to some other client’s desktop in its nearby system through the software over a similar system for any business reason issues like desktop sharing, file transfer, remote control, and so on. That’s why we made this list of 7 best remote desktop applications to help you easily connect to any PC.

best free remote desktop apps for any OS

These software tools are intensely utilized by connections to help desktops for troubleshooting the issues looked by the customer,. This helps in sparing time and lessening the multifaceted nature and expanding customer satisfaction in like manner. You will find remote access tools for any OS, be it Windows, iOS, Linux, Android, etc.

How Does Remote Access Software Work?

When a client starts a remote desktop session, the customer system transmits a sign through a standard listening port through the web to the system, which is going about as a host requesting access to connect and login. Presently the system that is going about as the host reacts back seeking login qualifications, which it checks in the rundown of the remote work area client through an inward approving procedure.

After the client login, the client can see the information or screen of the facilitated system and can play out the activity and have authority over the system only like the client who is working in the neighborhood system. Various connections in Remote Desktop are beyond the realm of imagination, and if one attempts to connect, then the connection will terminate automatically.

Note that once you download a remote desktop app, you will be assigned a unique user ID, then you create a password. Before anyone can connect remotely to your PC, the user must have your User ID and password.


Advantages of Remote Desktop Manager

For those who want and need to connect to other desktops, these tools are valuable for their connections. Given underneath are the benefits of Remote Access Software:

  1. The sole advantage of working remotely is by virtualizing ideas and, in this manner, expanding the efficiency of a worker.
  2. Remote Desktop Connection Software gives high security of information and data as you have a group that takes care of the server against the security rupture.
  3. Cost-sparing increments as a company, don’t need to put resources into new servers or workers for that.
  4. Simple access to information across worldwide in only a couple of moments along these lines expanding efficiency.
  5. The executives of the openness to the group turn into significantly more straightforward.

7 Best Remote Free and Paid Desktop Software Tools

There are numerous Remote Access Software accessible in the market, among which the top devices are referenced below with all the fundamental subtleties for the client to choose which tool is better for their association. Here’s our rundown of 7 such apparatuses. We have intentionally picked a not many that are generally helpful to IT administrators in organizations, just as not many that are usually valuable to singular clients and one-individual organizations.

RemotePC Desktop Software Tool

How to use RemotePC remote access tool

RemotePC is a prestigious work area programming instrument that assists with remaining associated with your home or work system without really driving to the spot. It effectively deals with the documents, moves records, and prints data remotely. The software tool calls an individual for getting to our framework incidentally for chipping away at introductions or archives progressively. It is chiefly utilized by little scale associations that require remote access.


  • Remote PC is consistently on remote access and with a one-time moment get to.
  • Remote PC is a platform-independent, secure, scalable, and open using the web.
  • Chat between PCs, smooth file transfer, remote printing, and whiteboard.

Proficient in recording a remote session with the capacity to drag and drop local files and invite them to work together.

Zoho Assist

How to use Zoho Assist instant remote access tool

Zoho Assist is a multi-function remote support software that causes you with remote help, access to unattended PCs, and screen sharing. It bolsters Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs, Android and iOS gadgets, Raspberry Pi gadgets, and Chromebooks, so you can strengthen a broad scope of customers. Specialists can start sessions from their preferred program, or the work area or mobile app. Zoho Assist is evaluating begins at an eye-getting $8 and merits each penny if you are working with a limited spending plan.


  • Numerous highlights that guide investigating incorporate text chat, file transfer, VoIP. It also runs as administration, multi-screen route, and quick launch alternatives to get to the direction brief, control board, and other fundamental parts of the remote PC.
  • Simple administration of unattended PCs with highlights like PC gathering and divisions.
  • Mass organization choices to design vast quantities of PCs for unattended access.
  • Client information is defended with features like information anonymization, rupture warning, information encryption, job-based access, and client consent for exercises like document move, remote print, and clipboard sharing.


ManageEngine Remote Access Plus

How to Use ManageEngine best end point remote access tool

Remote Access Plus is a complete troubleshooting apparatus that comes convenient for IT and system administrators to help work area professionals in settling issues. The software tool is based on a natural interface that makes it simple to set-up and simple to utilize.

Remote Access Plus is a start to finish troubleshooting answers to access Mac, Windows, and Linux PCs. From cutting edge remote desktop offering to in-built devices to more than 12 analytic methods like file manager, command prompt, device manager, event log viewer, and that’s just the beginning, the tool covers the essentials. It likewise includes additional tools like chat, voice, video, wake on LAN, and remote shutdown.

At only $6, there’s a suitable arrangement for independent ventures and endeavors. Remote Access Plus comes free everlastingly to access up to 10 PCs. The seller additionally offers an incredible free trial plan that lets you see each component of the item in real life.


  • HIPAA, GDPR, PCI prepared remote access with 256 piece AES encryption.
  • Video, voice, and text chat support for clear correspondence channels.
  • Dynamic catalog based organization to include PCs under administration immediately.
  • Capacity to track and review each performed troubleshooting task.
  • Two-factor validation and job based access control.

Check Also:

Teamviewer Desktop Tool

How to download and use Teamviewer Desktop Tool

Teamviewer is a popular software in the Remote Software Innovation industry. It focuses on cloud-based technologies to enable collaboration and the online remote support globally. This remote desktop application acts as a catalyst to amplify and promote ideas of the people and their ability to solve problems and overcome challenges.

It is a complete package which can remote access and share meeting applications that run under all system and mobile platforms. Team viewer also comes with a trial version account for personal use.


  • Team Viewer has Remote device control and provides powerful cross-platform access.
  • A VPN alternative, mobile device access, and reliable, secure unattended access.
  • It automatically wakes up, restarts, and installs applications.
  • It has flexible file sharing, IOS screen sharing, and remote printing.
  • 4K remote desktop access, increasing customer satisfaction, time-saving shortcuts.

SupRemo Remote Desktop

How to Use SupRemo Remote Desktop

SupRemo is a lightweight and simple to-utilize software that doesn’t require any configuration or installation of firewalls and routers to get to the remote PC or server. It permits various concurrent associations on a similar machine or more each of a single permit can utilize on an unending number of PCs.

SupRemo can install as a Windows service that is a significant component as it permits you to launch Supremo when Windows begins automatically, and the client will have the likelihood to control the remote machine with no human mediation on the controlled PC or server.

SupRemo Pricing: It is free for individual use and has memberships with quarterly and yearly plans beginning from $6/month per client.


  • Large installation on a great number of PCs and Servers.
  • Amazing free Address Book.
  • Numerous concurrent connections.
  • Unattended access (Windows Service).
  • Adaptable interface with your logo or brand.
  • Chat
  • Observing remote connections with online reports.
  • Simple-to-use File Manager.
  • Meeting support.

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Remote Desktop Manager Tool

How to Download and use Remote Desktop Manager Tool

Remote desktop manager is one of the popular Remote Desktop Software, which is generally used among numerous associations. It guides to make one remote connection device, information, password setup, and permits to work a verified stage, which is simple to operate.

Remote Desktop Manager also maintains the check of security and efficiency all through the organization while diminishing the hazard factor. It has the help of different incorporated advances like conventions and VPN.


  • Remote connection management and password configuration include helps with concentrating all remote connections from a single stage and store all the passwords safely.
  • Protect the connections from different security assaults utilizing granular insurance to get to the convention.
  • Complete coordinated highlights for groups and performs review and report tasks.
  • The simplicity of the board by permitting the necessary access to the clients.

VNC Connect Desktop Tool

How to Download and use VNC Connect Desktop Tool

VNC Connect is a well-known remote access software that is utilized by numerous global organizations. It gives remote access to your system from any place and at whatever point required.

VNC Connect offers secure and stable screen sharing. It assists with interfacing the clients and gadgets for control, support, organization, checking, preparing, coordinated effort, and so forth. VNC Connect also has arrangements and toolboxes for secure incorporation and ongoing getting to remotely into claim gadgets and items. It runs on numerous stages.


  • Attended and unattended access with tested and tried execution.
  • VNC CONNECT has an instinctive remote control and cross-stage support.
  • VNC is planned safely with multi-lingual support.
  • Printing, chat, file transfer, virtual desktops under Linux, and online group management.
  • Remote sending with pre-installed or connect on demand.



Remote desktop apps have been around for a considerable length of time. Most instruments and functions were worked because administrators and IT managers. They make it simple for IT support staff to get connected computers through a ‘master’ PC.

However, with the expanding ubiquity of mobile phones and other devices, the typical client additionally wants to get to their home or work desktop while in a hurry. It is also possible through the help of an emulator. Fortunately, many remote work area devices obscure the limits between your gadgets.

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