how to wire solar system batteries, charge controllers, inverters and panels, off-grid and on-grid

Various Ways to Make Solar System Wiring/Connections for Home

There are many ways to connect your solar system. Some of the connection types only suit a particular type of solar system (grid or off-grid) you planned to use. While some can be used in any type of solar system. Also, there are many ways to... Read more »
how to convert conventional car to solar-powered electric car

How to Convert Conventional Cars to Solar-Powered Electric Cars

Electric cars are gradually replacing conventional cars that use petrol and diesel, and in the nearest future, conventional cars will no longer be valued. Although electric cars are much more expensive than fuel-powered cars. With electric cars whose batteries can be recharged with solar PV system,... Read more »
how to earth a solar system and house

Best Ways to Protect your Solar System via Effective Earthing

After you have installed your solar components and everything starts working normally, you need to protect your solar systems so that no thunder or lightning can cause damage to any of the solar components, especially the inverter. An effective earthing system must provide a very low... Read more »