Top 5 Best Android Brain Games to Help Improve Your Reasoning Speed

Are you faced with the challenges of improving your brain performances, cognitive skills, content retaining power, concentration and many more? An engaging brain video game can go a long way to help you out. Train your brain with these trending android brain games and become a brain teaser! They also help to refresh your mind, elevate and improve your logic reasoning skills and speed, Intelligence Quotient (IQ), etc. The Apk brain games have different stages for kids, teenagers and adults and can be played both offline and online. You can help download and install it for your children to help them solve challenging Mathematics equations, try them yourself or play it with your friends or colleague in the multiplayer mode.

best brain training apk games

5 Best Brain Training Android Games that will Improve Your Reasoning Speed

Now check the game list.

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1. Brain School

brain school - best android brain training game

This is a system introduced by the Nossobit technologies which is equipped with cognitive games to help improve the brain performance while having fun playing these games.

This app tracks your performance and feed you with information in order to know how well to play the games to improve your brain power.

It is indeed a brain school. These app has quite some good ratings on Google play store from users who used it and found it interesting and engaging. Download and play this brain game from Google play store (

2. Peak

peak apk - best android brain training game

Peak is that android app that helps you train your brain with fun workout brain games and puzzles which is programmed to question your ability to think.

This game app tracks your performances and shows you reports on your Brain metrics like which area or activities your brain performs excellently well and how you can improve the metrics if it is poor.

The coolest part about this game app is the multiplayer feature, you can play these game with your friends and you also get to compare your brain map with theirs. Funny right? I know that will bring about a battle of “Who Is Genius?”.

Moreover, this game app works offline and now acts like a personal virtual brain trainer.

Peak is very interactive and is very fun and engaging. It is a very useful resource you need if you care to improve your brain power and ability. Download this app and set your brain for mind-blowing performances. Download and play this brain game from Google play store (

3. NeuroNation

NeuroNation - best android brain training game

Now, here comes the app awarded with Google’s Best Apps of the year remark, NeuroNation!

This is a brain training game app with 29 fun exercise and 7 deep courses to help your brain perform better, stay focused. think faster and stay Sharpened.

Like the other brain game apps above, it also tracks and report your performances so you can address the weak parts in your brain.

This is a perfect game app for brain training. It has many positive reviews and it is just different from the many out there due to outstanding performance, high functionality and features.

Set your Brain improvement goals and achieve them with NeuroNation. Download and play this brain game from Google play store (

4. Lumosity

lumosity - best android brain training game

I think any list of brain training android games is incomplete without Lumosity! Lumosity helps you get the best brain performances with its fun and interactive puzzles that are programmed to help you with just that.

Luminosity is been used by many people worldwide as its games and puzzles challenges the brain to solve simple and yet tricky problems with different amazing strategies.

The games engages the brain in a strategic thinking which improves the overall performances of your brain while making a better YOU. Now you see why you need to use the link below to get what you need. Download and play this brain game from Google play store (

5. Elevate

elevate apk - best android brain training game

Elevate is the last but not the least in the android brain games! The game is another outstanding app that trains the brain; having being selected by Google as an “Editors Choice”, you should now know it is the best brain training game app for you.

This brain training app is focused on improving your brain processing speed, retaining power, math skills and many more you might not think of.

It diverse functionality comprises all what you need to improve your cognitive skills and ability to provide solutions to problems fast.

With 35+ inbuilt brain games, I don’t think you need anything more to build that super-brain you’ve always thought of. Play store game download link (

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Now go to google play store to download these trending android brain games using the links given above. Have you played any of these brain games? Which of them impressed you most? Comment it below. Please help us reach your friends in the social media by clicking just 1 share button below. You can also subscribe to our blog via email and be the first to get notifications of our latest article. Enjoy!


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