5 Best Lucrative Skills You Can Learn Online for Free

There are tons of skills you can learn online these days. One can acquire a number of lucrative skills through online forms of learning. For example one can learn how to code or work in IT applications. One can also learn the basics of SEO as well as Google analytics. Apart from these, one can also learn the skills of learning how to write a good resume online. Another option is to learn data analysis using Microsoft Office packages like MS Excel, MS Access. Advanced knowledge of these software are required in most commercial and financial firms especially banks. This business article will reveal some of the most lucrative online skills you can learn for free.

best most profitable online skills to learn for free

One of the advantages of eLearning is that you can learn in your own language. Also most online tutors teach with videos and there are also live cat platform where you can interact with them. For example, podcasting, or learning from YouTube. There is a creator academy within YouTube and you can learn for free and interact with the tutors.


Best Recommended Online Skills to Learn for Free

Digital Marketing

Recently, Google online marketing programs have set up so that professionals as well as amateurs can go through online learning programs or learn how online advertisement campaigns are conducted. Under this program, Google ad grants are also been provided to students and this amount is not less than 10.000 per month. This is wholly based on interacting with clients and students get a good online exposure on an online platform. They can also learn about how to carry out a post campaign analyses of the overall scenario.


Ethical Hacking

This was sold in aggregation by Boingboing and the course program is very specialized and teaches the students about the valued aspects of ethical hacking, as much as the students contribute towards the training charges. The main objective of this kind of training program is however to train the students or professionals, to prevent computers from threats of hacking, that is dangerous towards well blossoming of a person’s career, or reputation of a company. Hence it protects computers used commercially or personally against all kinds of teaching. Wifi hacking is another such threat.

SEO and Google Analytics

SEO is the abbreviated form of search engine optimization and more and more people are rushing after online training available on the internet based websites to know how they can be utilized for growing business on online platforms. This particular field is my favorite too. Just like this blog, you get to read thousands of blogs that come up about millions of topics or issues discussed in the world and you can read them and analyze them for yourself. One popular blog is the search engine journal. Apart from this one, there are webinars, podcasts, and search engine nerds to help you with online training.



Nowadays, accounts based students or professionals can get solutions by attaining an online membership and training is given on stocks, funds, portfolios and other developmental areas. Students feel it eager to proceed to levels and proceed and teaching learning process becomes very quick and simple. There are other pop up notifications regarding buying and selling that further creates interests in students.


Thanks to speedtyping.com website. Now anyone can learn how to type fast by just practicing to type speedily on this website and this is probably the best help on an online platform that teaches how to type fast without charging any cost i.e. for free. That is the reason; so many people across the world love it so much.



The scope of online learning is huge and you can learn photography skills, or writing skills for contents and other things, or photography skills, or the technique of Photoshop. You can also learn about project management, public speaking, basic aspects of MS office like that of MS word. There are others to go for online learning for personal finance, or Mac skills, or human resource management.

Nowadays, Microsoft has even come forward and there are a number of databases, tables that are quite helpful for students. I should not forget to mention about developing culinary skills, pet care training, word press, accounting, credit score repair, investment areas that are equally important for online learning areas in the recent century. However, probably the biggest of all is the digital marketing or ethical hacking areas. Closely aligned with the ethical hacking is the Copy-writing. Finally one can also learn a lot about financing and economics, as well as about keyboarding (i.e. typing at a fast speed) through online support.

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