How to Optimize your Blog and Videos for Fast Google AdSense Approval

Many bloggers complain that it is very difficult to get Google AdSense approval. But I still find it a bit difficult to totally agree with them. AdSense approved my blog within 6 months I started blogging, with just 30 blog posts. Although Google AdSense has strict policies, but once you understand these policies and obey them, your blog or YouTube channel will be eligible and ads will be displayed on your blog posts and YouTube videos. You make money once your blog readers and video viewers click on the ads. Once, your earnings cross their threshold, you will get paid the following month. You will learn how to optimize your blog and YouTube videos for faster AdSense approval.

how to get google adsense approval for your blog and youtube

Google AdSense remains the largest and most popular advertising program for advertisers and monetization program for publishers. YouTube Partner Program is also available for video bloggers who wish to monetize the videos in their YouTube channels. While Admob is for those who wish to monetize their apps. Unlike other monetization programs, they don’t base more on number of traffic, rather they base on quality traffic sources. Their spam detection algorithms remain the most rugged. Up till now, it is very difficult to comprehend all their policies. But there are some policies you must not go against if you want to earn through their platform with your site or YouTube channel.

It does not end in getting AdSense approval. If you go against their policies even after the approval, your domain will be banned. Of recent, if the policy violation is minimum, Limited Ad Serving alert will be placed your domain. I once experienced that challenge, but I was able to resolve it. I will also share some tips to help you resolve it if your domain receives such alert in future.

One of the biggest challenges you face when you go against Google policies is that they don’t tell you exactly the policy you violated. Rather they will refer you to their policy page. They use this strategy to protect their proprietary detection systems.


How to Get Google AdSense Approval Faster

Review your Blog Contents

Before you sign up for Google AdSense, make sure your blog is eligible. Your blog content is the first thing you should consider. Google does not care if you have 1000 blog posts. As far as they do not add any value to the internet, your blog domain will never be approved. You can get AdSense Approval with just 20 to 30 quality blog posts that are well written and optimized both for search engines and for the blog readers. Before you publish any new post on your blog, first ask yourself, “Does this article add any new value to the internet”? Is there any new way of doing something or a solution to a problem that has been bothering people you  added in the article? If the answer is Yes, then go ahead to publish it. But if the answer is No, save it as draft and more value to article. Carry out extensive research. Look for existing solutions to problems and then find out how to improve those solutions. Write detailed posts and provide links to other useful resources that might help your readers understand the topic more.

You might have a great content, but if the arrangement is poor, Google may term it as a poor content. The way you align your points and images matters. Feel free to use images to drive your points home. Images help to increase your blog post engagement.

Also know that there are some types of blog contents that might hinder your AdSense application from getting approved. Any site with contents that promote illegal acts like pornography, betting, etc. will never be approved. Some blog content categories are also approved faster. They include tutorials, fashions, scholarship and internship updates and other blogging niches that are not saturated. News, hobby, tech and non-English sites are becoming more difficult to get approved by Google Adsense these days.


Make Sure you Add an Easy-to-Use Navigation Bar

Navigation bar is where you add important site links. It could be links to popular post categories, tags, pages, etc. It does not end in adding these links, they should be arranged properly, according to importance. For example, a new user would like to know more about your site, the type of services you render and probably, how to contact you. So, your About Us and Contact Us page should not be hidden. Consider adding them in multiple locations like navigation bar and footer. Also, know the links that should come under others, as sub-links. For example, if you have a tutorial blog where you teach different types of software, you might decide to create a link with the word Web Development and then add sub-links like Java, C++, Javascript, CSS, etc.

Some blog themes have two a primary and secondary navigation bar. You can use one for all your important blog pages. And use the other one for your blog’s important categories and tags.

Consider the your Blog’s Traffic Sources.

Another important thing to check is your blog traffic sources. If you are paying people to view your blog or running any form of traffic promotion, including, Google Ads, don’t apply for Google AdSense. You either wait till you are through with the promotion or stop it.

Google loves organic traffic so much. That is why a site that gets about 100 organic page views might get AdSense approval. While another site getting 2000 page views only from social media might not be approved. You now know how important it is to optimize your blog posts for search engines.

Make Sure you Blog has a Custom Domain

Using a custom domain proves to any ad monetization platform that you are serious about blogging. After you have bought and linked your custom domain to your blog, allow about 3 months for search engines to re-crawl and re-index your blog contents before thinking of applying for Google AdSense.


How I Got my Blog AdSense Approval

I did not do anything extra ordinary. All I did was to carry out extensive keyword research before I wrote any post. I used free keyword tools like Google keyword planner, to target long tail keywords. Then I wrote about 30 unique blog posts that were optimized for search engines. I share my post links in different platforms, both social media and platforms like Quora and Reddit. I took time to arrange my navigation bar, made sure all my relevant blog pages like About Us, Contact Us were handy and easily located by any site visitor.

Then I waited for 2 weeks for my blog posts to be properly crawled and indexed. After two weeks, I applied for Google AdSense. My first application was declined. I optimized my blog posts the more and reapplied again after one week. My blog got approved. I got my AdSense within the first 6 months I started my blog.

The hard truth about Google AdSense it is no more meant for lazy bloggers. If you are not ready to write quality content that adds value to the internet, then forget AdSense. Gone are the days when AdSense policies were so lenient. Those days you can buy AdSense account and add the code to any site, then ads will start showing. These days, they have fastened their belts. Even if you buy AdSense account, if your blog does not have value, it will never show Google ads. In fact Google will verify your site as if you were applying for a new Google AdSense.

Also, if your site got approved by Google AdSense and you fail to add the ad code on your site, after 5 months, Google will need to re-verify your site before ad codes from that account will start showing ads on your site again.

How to Place Google AdSense Verification Codes for Faster Approval

If you are sure that your blog has met all Google AdSense Eligibility policies and still your blog is rejected when you submit your application, then you need to know how and where to place the verification code. The first time I submitted my application to Google AdSense, it was rejected. A friend of mine now told me this tip and my application was approved the next time I submitted it.

After you have added the code in your theme header, also add it in your side bar. Then manually add the code in the html section of all your blog posts that get views from Google search engine. After adding the code in these locations, resubmit your AdSense application. You will get approved if your blog has not gone against any of their policies.

How to Fix Limited Ad Serving Issue

Whenever Google places Limited Ad Serving to your blog domain name, the first you need to do is to check the AdSense program policy to see if you could spot the one your site violated. Before you do that first check your AdSense email address because they will send you a notification mail about the issue. In the mail they will give you a hint to help you discover the policy your site violated.

In my own case, I was able to discover that mine was a quality traffic issue after I read the email. Check the screenshot below.

how to fix google adsense limited ad serving issue

It must not always be quality traffic issue. It could be site behaviour, ad behaviour, technical requirements, ad placement, content policies, abusive experiences, authorized inventories, etc. Check out Google AdSense program policies for better understanding of each policy.

Sometimes, the problem might be that your ad placement violates Google AdSense Ad Implementation policies.

How I Resolved the Limited Ad Serving Issue on my Blog

At first I was almost frustrated. I searched for solution, both on Google and YouTube. Many ideas were suggested. First, I removed my blog domain name, removed all the custom ad unit codes from my blog, disabled the ads.txt plugin. After two weeks, the notification went away. Then I added my domain name back. But the notification reappeared in my AdSense account after some minutes. I almost gave up trying at this point.

Another idea I tried which almost made Google AdSense almost block my account was running Google Ads to boost my traffic while the ad code was still in my blog theme. It was against their policy, that is a paid traffic. What saved me was that removed the code from my blog theme immediately I came to my senses.

Never run any paid traffic campaign with Google AdSense code active in your blog, not even Google Ads campaign. You can remove the AdSense code, grow your site traffic with paid campaigns, wait for few days and then add the code back.

What really solved the issue was an idea that came into my mind: to work on my blog traffic and articles. I optimized all my blog posts for search engines, updated outdated posts and links. I published new posts continuously on my blog for one month. Then I searched for more legit ways to increase my blog traffic and blog post engagement. I worked on Facebook, Quora, Reddit, Pinterest, etc. and generated legit traffic from them. After two months, the issue was resolved and the notification disappeared.

Google YouTube AdSense Approval Tips

YouTube Partner Program Minimum Eligibility Requirements

Just like AdSense for bloggers, before you apply for YouTube AdSense, make sure your YouTube channel is in line with their monetization policies. YouTube AdSense review team pay more attention to your YouTube channel and its performance, since they cannot check all the videos one after the other. They check the best performing videos, their view time, traffic source, your videos meta data, such as title, description, tags, thumbnails, etc. That is why you need to optimize your channel and videos first before applying for YouTube AdSense. There are some countries that are not allowed to participate in this program. So make sure you are not from those countries.

In addition to the tips I mentioned earlier, your total video public watch hour must be more than 4,000 hours in the last 12 months. The easiest way to reach this threshold is to upload more videos that have heavy search traffic and then optimize your videos meta data for search engines.

There must be more than 1,000 subscribers to your YouTube channel. To easily meet this requirement, optimize your YouTube channel using tools like TubeBuddy and VidIQ. You can also join some Facebook groups for YouTube video bloggers, where you can encourage other bloggers to subscribe to your channel while you do same for them.

You must also have a linked AdSense account. That means you must have an approved Google AdSense in the gmail account you are using to apply for YouTube AdSense. This means if you have an active blog with approved AdSense, your YouTube AdSense application might be easily approved.

Note that your application is reviewed by both their automated systems and humans, to ensure that your channel and videos are eligible before they are approved. So take your time to optimize each video you upload. You can follow this YouTube video optimization guide for better ranking on search engines. Also read the full YouTube Partner Program Overview and Eligibility article.

Watch this video for more insights on how to make money from YouTube.

AdSense Approval FAQs

Like how long does AdSense take to approve an application?

It does not take more than 2 days. But the first time I submitted my Adsense application, I got response from Google Adsense after 5 hours. Most times, they get back to you the same day.

How much traffic do you need for AdSense approval?

There is no specific number of traffic. What Google checks is the quality of your site traffic, that is the sources. If up to 50% of your traffic comes from search engines, you are likely to get approved. But avoid paid traffic as much as possible when applying for Google AdSense, even Google Ads and Facebook ads.

How much does AdSense pay per 1000 views?

It varies. The countries that constitutes more of your blog total traffic for a day also determines to an extent what you will earn per 1000 page views. It is called RPM, that is Revenue Per thousand impressions (the M represents 1000 in roman numerals). Google estimates your earning by dividing your estimated earnings by the total number of page views for that day and then multiplying by 1000. If you get a higher percentage of your traffic comes from countries like US, UK, Canada and their likes, your RPM will be high.

What do I do to get AdSense approval fast?

Follow the tips I revealed in this article. Focus more on your blog content, work on your site SEO, make sure you are not getting invalid traffic. Don’t encourage others on social media to visit your blog for the sole aim of increasing your traffic for AdSense approval. Adsense will know because they monitor your site traffic through Google analytics.

Can I use one gmail account to get approved for Google AdSense for Bloggers and YouTube AdSense?

Yes! In fact before your YouTube Partner Program (YPP) application gets approved can be approved, their must be an approved Google AdSense for bloggers linked to that account.



I have noticed through a survey I took that most bloggers’ AdSense application was rejected because they were too eager to earn money from their blog, even when they have not fully optimized their blog and its posts. You need to blog for passion first. Then with time, you now look for a way to monetize your passion. That is why you need to develop passion for blogging first if you really want to make money from blogging. If you don’t have passion for blogging, there are other online and offline lucrative business ideas that will fetch you money. You can try them.

Apply these tips I revealed in this article and allow search engines to re-crawl and re-index your blog contents before re-applying for Google AdSense. You will surely get approved if you follow these tips carefully.

The best way to thank me for these AdSense tips I revealed for free is to share this post with your social media friends. Just click a share button. Subscribe to our blog via email to stay up to date with our blogging tutorial articles. Drop your questions and contributions in the comment section. I will gladly attend to them quickly. Enjoy!

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