How to Setup and Use Torum Web3 SocialFi App

Torum is a DeFi, Web3, SocialFi network designed for crypto users worldwide, where you are rewarded for creating useful contents in the platform. It is a unique crypto ecosystem connects crypto projects and communities worldwide together. You can earn money by simply importing or sharing your data from other social media network like Twitter or Facebook in the SocialFi platform.

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More About Torum SocialFi Project

You can interact with your friends, and get crypto news updates round the globe via the platform. The Torum news section helps users to catch up with updates from their favourite crypto projects. Torum news section utilizes web crawlers to generate news automatically with specific keywords in popular news and social media platforms.

The Torum app also features an NFT marketplace, where you can trade your avatar. Torum marketplace is integrated into Torum SocialFi platform in order to give the users the option to share and trade their NFTs in Torum social media for increased exposure and promotion. Torum also features programmable social NFTs, which are customizable, avatar-like biography of users in the Torum ecosystem, with each social NFT representing the crypto identity of everyone in the ecosystem.

The SocialFi network also features airdrop platform called Torum Airdrop, which is designed to provide users with incentives and also to help new crypto projects acquire new users in the Torum community. This feature has reduced the risk exposure to scams, for both crypto users and these new crypto projects.

Torum also features a unique NFT Launchpad, built on Torum Finance, which brings an innovative crowdfunding model where crypto projects are given the opportunity to back their NFT series with their own native token or with Torum’s native token (XTM).

The native token of Torum SocialFi platform is XTM which is powered by Ethereum network. You can buy XTM token from exchanges like: Pancakeswap. KuCoin, BKEX, MEXC Global, Huobi Global, etc.

Torum also features a Lounge, which is an audio board room for crypto projects and community owners that offers interactive live-streaming experience which includes emojis, tipping, etc. to the Torum community.

Another interesting feature of Torum is Torumgram, which is a bridging feature that connects Torum and Telegram, making it possible for Torum users to use Telegram directly from Torum.

How to Setup and Use Torum SocialFi Network App

To use Torum SocialFi network, go to and signup.

Then setup your account and start enjoying all the amazing features in the platform.


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