How to Setup and Use Kala Network Web3 SocialFi App

KALA Network is a web3 SocialFi platform where you earn KUDO token by interacting with your friends and community. You can then use KUDO/KLNW to buy PENCIL/PEN NFTs to increase your earning, level up and mint new PEN NFTs. The platform also has some GameFi features that provides various ways the users can use their PENCIL/PEN NFTs to increase their earnings.

how to make money with kala network create to earn socialfi app

More About Kala Network SocialFi Project

You need some KUDO, KLNW or SOL tokens to buy PENCIL/PEN NFT. In order to start earning KUDO tokens, use this PENCIL/PEN NFT to write a post. To earn more KUDO tokens, you need to get a better PEN. You can spend some of your KUDO or KLNW tokens to upgrade the attributes of your PENCIL/PEN NFT. After using your PENCIL/PEN for some specific period of time, you need to replace its NIB by spending some of your KUDO token. Better PEN will cost you more KUDO tokens, especially for the NIB replacement.

KALA Network Features & Screenshot

The screenshot below summarizes how the KALA network ecosystem works, with its earning and deflation model.

How to use KALA network + earning and deflation model
How to use KALA network + earning and deflation model

How to Create Account, Setup and Use KALA Social Network Web3 SocialFi Platform

To create account, go to Kala Social at

Tap the “Connect” button and then connect your Metamask wallet, or you use WalletConnect, via BSC or Solana network (click the drop down arrow to select your blockchain). Alternatively, you can connect to Kala Social with your apple ID (for iOS users), Google account (for Android users) or your Facebook.

How to create and setup KALA social account
How to create and setup KALA social account

Next is to complete your Kala social profile by providing your username, email address, referral username (optional), etc. Then tap the “Next” button.

Complete your KALA social profile to create account
Complete your KALA social profile to create account

Follow the onscreen guide to complete the account setup. Enjoy the KALA web3 social network!


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