How to Play Survival Game Online (SURV) Play-to-Earn Game

Survival game online is a web3 game that incorporates the following core earning mechanisms: Participate-to-Earn, Play-to-Earn, Staking, DAO, NFT Honour System, NFT Store and Characters. The core products of the ecosystem include: Survival game, Battle mechanism, Betting platform, UGC and map editor. Survival Game is a series game powered by Binance Smart Chain (BSC) where users can earn daily rewards as well as periodic huge prizes by bypassing games and defeating other players in the ecosystem. The game ecosystem also features an open module where players are encouraged to build creative, entertaining and profitable gaming platforms.

how to play survival game online blockchain card game and make money

More About Survival Game Online Play-to-Earn Project

As an online simulation game, users can participate and earn huge prizes by wining daily fights and by passing several games in a row. You can also earn as a game observer by predicting and betting on the winner of the regular ladder games and tournaments after the user has attained a certain eligibility level. When the player you bet on wins, you will earn a certain percentage of the winner’s rewards.

Survival Game Online (SURV) Gameplay Guide and Features

The GameFi version of the Survival game includes the following games for global users, with economic incentives and enhanced user experience:

  • Game 1: Red Light, Green Light.
  • Game 2: Dalgona Candy.
  • Game 3: Tug of War.
  • Game 4: Marbles.
  • Game 5: Glass Bridge.
  • Game 6: Survival Game.

Each of these games has its independent leaderboard and ladder mode. As a player, when you pass the game, you will gain responding scores and will be rewarded by daily, weekly and monthly ladder leaderboards, which consists of Ladder bonuses and token rewards. Here, players are ranked and rewarded according to the total scores earned within a specific period of time. Players are allowed to claim their rewards immediately after the distribution process. But they will be charged 10% of their total rewards as transaction fee.

For the tournaments, the best 456 players that have the best history records will compete in the same arena to pass the several levels in a row of Survival games. The losers will be eliminated immediately, while the winners enter the next game. The final winner will earn a huge reward.

The native token of Survival Game Online is SURV, powered by the Binance Smart Chain. The token is available in some exchanges like: KuCoin, MEXC Global, etc.

You can learn more about Survival Game Online from their whitepaper.

How to Setup & Play Survival Game Online Play2Earn Game

Go to Follow the onscreen guide to sign up, play the game and earn rewards. Enjoy!


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