How to Download & Use Dustland Runner Move-to-Earn App

Dustland Runner is the first move-to-earn audio fitness game where users workout in their homes, in gym houses, or anywhere outdoor, and then get rewarded with cryptocurrency (DOSE token) and exclusive NFTs. You simply workout physically and earn rewards. As you complete more missions, you earn more rewards because the reward is based on distance and not performance. Also, you can use the items and resources you collected to upgrade your character. For greater rewards, you need to improve your stats and embark on more dangerous missions.

how to earn money from dustland app move2earn project

More About Dustland Runner Move-to-Earn Project

The Dustland Runner move-to-earn project has different gaming types such as: the “22 PushUps”, Cycling, Runner, etc. Each of these game types has its own strict rule which you must adhere to before you can be rewarded. Also the anti-cheat feature in Dustland app makes it impossible to cheat when recording your exercise.

DOSE is the ERC-20 utility token that powers the Dustland move-to-earn project and the OliveX gamified fitness ecosystem at large. It is used for purchase, utility, action, and users of the Dustland Runner app also earn their rewards in DOSE tokens. DOSE as an acronym stand for Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin and Endorphin.

You can buy DOSE token from exchanges like:, Uniswap, OKX, MEXC, PancakeSwap (V2), SushiSwap, ApeSwap (BSC), AAX, Hoo, etc.

The Dustland Runner NFTs include:

  1. Kettlemine Harbour Postcard: The first NFT Dustland runner airdropped to all those who registered their personal (web3-enabled) wallet on their website. Although Dustland is no longer distributing this NFT, but you can get purchase it from OpenSea.
  2. Operation Ape – Access Pass: Was available during a 12-hour minting window at the end of May 2022. Those that can mint this NFT are players who are on the Allow list.
  3. Gear: Players who possess this NFT can increase the amount of rewards they earn by equipping gears, and also by modifying other gameplay features.

You can learn more about Dustland runner move-to-earn project and their NFTs.

Dustland Runner (DOSE) App Features and Screenshots

One of the key features of Dustland Runner app allows you to track your running stats, analyze your health data and even share your running progress with friends. The app also comes with a smart switch feature, which makes it possible to pause missions and view your stats.

The Dustland Runner app has 4 main game pillars:

The first is fitness, which is the most important because it allows you to measure your fitness stats and also choose your own goals.

Second is the immersive narrative strategy where you meet other players as part of the virtual reality while running. Winning one mission automatically unlocks the next mission, and also gives you the opportunity to meet more players in the platform.

The third is the players’ personal progression. Here, you as a player can use your earned rewards as you wish.

The fourth one – free-to-play economy is also very interesting as it allows to participate in the game even without vehicle NFTS. This means you can play the game without spending a dime.

Note that vehicle NFTs are rare digital assets in the game with many features like: speed, power level, range, total loadout space, offense, defense, etc.

Below are the screenshots of some of the features of the Dustland Runner app.

Dustland runner app: Missions page
Dustland runner app: Missions page
Dustland runner app: Setup your account
Dustland runner app: Setup your account
Dustland runner app: Track your running stats
Dustland runner app: Track your running stats

How to Download and Use the Dustland Runner App (Fitness Finance) to Earn Money

You can download the Dustland runner app from the app store for iOS users or from Google play store for Android users. Note that the Calo app required for gameplay.

Another option is to use the dApp. You can connect your decentralized private wallet (web3 enabled), especially Metamask wallet, etc. But the web3 wallet must support Polygon (MATIC) network.

On mobile or PC, go to and then tap the Connect Wallet button located at the top right hand corner of the page. Connect via the Polygon (MATIC) network.

Dustland runner app: Connect to the web3 app
Dustland runner app: Connect to the web3 app

For the Dustland app, signup with email ID and password, and then setup your account.

Participate in the various available challenges and earn rewards in DOSE token and some exclusive NFTs.


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