7 Sexy Eyeliner Makeup Styles and How to Apply them

Knowing a suiting eyeliner style that suits your eye size is a very cool step to perfect makeup style as a lady. There are special eyeliner styles for some special occasions like wedding, party, night club, first date, etc. Also, there are some eyeliner color mix that will differentiate a makeup novice and a professional. The way you smudged your eyeliner also has a lot to say about your makeup experience. This fashion article will reveal some eyeliner makeup styles for different occasions and different eye sizes and a tutorial on how to apply them.

Trending eyeliner styles for celebrities

I personally love ladies who know the right makeup styles to apply at different occasions. Your eyeliner style can make you look so comely or scary. The truth is that practice leads to perfection. Even if you are a novice, keep trying and watch makeup videos. with time, you will become perfect.

General Eyeliner Styles Tutorial Guide

Here is a general guide to applying any eyeliner style of your choice. But you must have a picture of the eye liner style you want to wear.

First Step: You first apply your eye primer and base shadow for easier blending.

Second Step: To make your eye more open and awake, highlight the center of the lid, under the brow and the corners of the eye with the lightest shadow.

Third Step: Now use your denser brush to recreate the eyeliner style you want to wear. This is where you now add the various colors. You may also need to use your dark shades.

Final Step: Now this is the time for blending and giving some finishing touches with your blending brush mascara and lashes.

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7 Cute Eyeliner Styles for Various Occasions and Eye Sizes

Now check out these cute and lovely eyeliner makeup styles and how to smudge them.

1. Black Color Finish Eyeliner Style

Black Color Finish Eyeliner Style

2. Cute Eyeliner Style for Brown Eyeballs

Cute Eyeliner Style for Brown Eyeballs

3. Liquid Eyeliner Wing Style

Liquid Eyeliner Wing Style

4. Multi Color Eyeliner Style

Multi Color Eyeliner Style

5. Simple Cat Eyeliner Style

Simple Cat Eyeliner Style

6. Complex Color Mix Eyeliner Makeup Style

Complex Color Mix Eyeliner Makeup Style

7. Creative Floral Eyeliner Makeup Style

Flower Eyeliner Makeup Style

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Just feel free to try any of the eyeliner makeup style of your choice. The main tip is to mix matching colors. You may need to check the general eyeliner tutorial guide I listed above. Check out these recommended cheap eyeliner makeup kits at eBay with free shipping (http://bit.ly/ebayeyeliner).

Which of the eyeliner styles do you like most? Mine is number 4. Comment your choice below.

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