Top 5 Best Engaging Android Card Games to Download & Play

Card games are one of the best categories of android games that are very engaging. They are also awesome time-killers, just like board games. They are highly addictive, especially the multiplayer card games which you can play with friends. Even if none of your friends are around, you can kill boredom with card games by playing with a challenging CPU player. Are you looking for a trending card game to play on your android phone? Here is a list of the top best card playing android game specially compiled for you. Most of these card games in the list can be played offline. Once you download the apk file, you don’t need any internet connection to setup and play the game. Also, they are free to download from google play store.trending android card games to download and play

5 Best Addictive Android Card Games You Can Play Offline

Now check out the game list below.

1. Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens - best android card game

Exploding kittens is a multiplayer card game for all kitten lovers.
This game installs a great adventure for you and makes you know what a “Card game” really means. As a multiplayer game, you can play with your friends and even strangers all around the world by connecting online. The graphic for this game is okay and addictive level is infinite and very strategic.
In Exploding Kittens, players draw cards and play and a player wins by drawing an exploding kitten that kills the other player if the other player doesn’t have any defuse card. I play the game, very engaging! It is loved by many because it is very strategical and challenging. Download and play this from google play store (

2. HearthStone

HearthStone - best android card game
HearthStone is that amazing and fun game where you fight in a battlefield with your powerful cards.
This game has many things in store for you. For instance, the ability to build your desk with many additional cards, ability to save your progress and collection on their website and play with your collection on any device.
You can ask some of your friends who have played HearthStone their experience. I once took a survey on this particular card game. There  were many positive responses and good ratings. Download and play this from google play store (

3. Microsoft Solitaire Collection

Microsoft Solitaire Collection apk - best android card game

Microsoft solitaire game comes with Windows Operating System PC by default. The good news is that the Apk version is available and can be played in any Android phone.
This game is very addictive, just like PC and it has daily challenges for you. You can’t afford to miss this Microsoft card game! Download and play this from google play store (

4. Gin Rummy (Tesseracts Mobile)

Gin Rummy Tesseracts Mobile - best android card game
Gin Rummy on android? Unbelievable! Another popular card game where you’re able to play this game with any challenging CPU player you choose.
The graphics in this game is basically okay for a card game and this game plays smoothly even in an android phone of less than 1 GB RAM. Gin Rummy has various levels and tournaments you would instantly fall in love with. Downloading and playing this card game is the best decision you will ever make today! Download and play this from google play store (

5. Spades Free (AI Factory Limited)

Spades Free apk - best android card game

AI factory launches into the game world a Spade game which is very interesting to play. This 4 player contract trick game has a very cool and smooth graphics.
Here are the key features of this game:
  • You can customize the game with your own name.
  • Undo available in case of mistakes and also hints to get yourself going while playing the game.
  • The game also has real time player stats, and lot more.
I also played Spades Free game a week ago. It was very engaging and addictive! Download and play this from google play store (


You can download any of these trending android card games from google play for free using the links given. You can play them both offline and online. Feel free to explore users review on play store for any of those app you want to download so that you can get the one that really suits you play style. But am sure all the game here have positive reviews on play store. They are the top, most addictive card games. You can never get tired of playing them!
Have you played any or some of these card games with your phone? Which one is your favorite? I can’t wait to read your replies in the comment section below. Please help us reach your friends in the social media by clicking a share button.


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