12 Trending Rihanna Hairstyles – Short, Long and Curly Styles

The popular celebrity, Rihanna Mohawk has been spotted uncountable times with new flashy hairstyles. Some of her fans testified that they love her because of her creativity when it comes to hairstyles and make-up. She is a pioneer of edgy hairstyles. Most of her hairstyles are trending, and at times, other female celebrities mimic her hairstyles. Also she likes to be seen with different unique hairstyles in her new albums or when she goes for a new music show. Here are some of the latest, popular hairstyles of Rihanna. You will see both short, long, curly and lovely Rihanna hairstyles of different colors and for different occasions like dinner, date, wedding, office works, church service, etc.best trending rihanna hairstyles

Are you one of Rihanna’s fans? As for me, am one of them. I just love her because the new hairstyles she samples especially in her new albums. Most times, I download her new releases just to see the new hairstyle and dress fashion she showcased. I always suggest her hairstyles for my girl friend whenever she wants to make a new hairstyle.

12 Most Popular Rihanna Hairstyles

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1. Rihanna’s Auburn Hairstyle

rihanna auburn hairstyle

2. Long Undercut Rihanna Hairstyle

long undercut rihanna hairstyle

3. Red, Edgy, Bouffant Rihanna Hairstyle

red edgy bouffant rihanna hairstyle

4. Christian Dior Cruise Long Rihanna HairstyleChristian Dior Cruise long rihanna hairstyle

5. Rihanna’s Blonde, Short Hairstyle with Blunt Bangs

rihanna blonde short hairstyle with blunt bangs

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6. Rihanna’s Faux Loc Hairstyle

Rihanna Faux Loc hairstyle

7. Rihanna’s Long Ombre Hairstyle

rihanna long ombre hairstyle

8. Rihanna’s Skull-Cap Hairstyle

rihanna skull-cap hairstyle

9. Rihanna Mohawk’s Short, Curly Hairstyleshort curly rihanna mohawk hairstyle

10. Simple Style Rihanna’s Weavon Hairstyle

simple style rihanna hairstyles

11. Rihanna’s Spiky Crazy Hairstyle

spiky crazy rihanna hairstyle

12. Two-Toned Curls Rihanna Hairstyle

two toned curls rihanna hairstyle

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I just revealed the pictures of some of the trending hairstyles of Rihanna Mohawk. Which of these hairstyles or weavons do you love or admire most? I will like to hear from you in the comment section below. Help us reach your friends in the social media by clicking a share button. Enjoy!


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