5 Top Best Health Insurance Companies In The World

Don’t you know health is wealth? Yea, you heard me right! Getting a health insurance is always good and necessary for everyone as health care costs are highly increasing annually. Medical or health insurance companies help you to bear part or total cost your health bills, depending on the plan you opted for. There are plans for the whole family or for an individual. Some of the popular health insurance plans include: Individual, Family, Maternity, Pre-existing, Corporate, etc. Also, there are several health insurance companies that offer various plans at various rates. All you need to do is to go through their insurance plans and select the one that best suits your needs. Before a healthcare insurance company can insure you, you need to pay a certain percentage fee called Coinsurance. The total you contribute before the health insurance company takes over your health bill is called Deductibles. Once you have spent up to this amount, your plan now pays 100% of the health cost. This is called Out-of-pocket maximum. This insurance article will reveal the 5 best, high rated and financially stable health insurance companies for you and your families.
best health care insurance companies in the world

5 Best Worldwide Healthcare Insurance Companies

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United Health Group

United Health group is an health insurance company that owns Golden Rule Insurance and Oxford, OptumRX and DaVita and dozen other insurance companies. The insurance company has a lot of positive reviews around the world, it has received honor in Arizona and also rated as a best service provider in Texas.

Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser permanente is a constituent of several health system. They have many hospitals and clinic to aid their health insurance services.
The company been a top rated health insurance company, has the highest overall experience in Oregon, Washington, California, Colorado, Virginia etc.


Anthem also own many health companies like DeCare dental ,CareMore, HealthSun and they are also the largest operator of another health insurance company called the “Blue Cross Blue Shield Network”.
Anthem insurance company, formerly known as WellPoint has served over 40 million members in 2017 alone.
The health insurance company has the highest overall experience rating in Massachusetts and also gained the highest rating for provider choice in Ohio, Virginia and Colorado. Having also received the highest rating for coverage and benefits in Connecticut, Maine, etc. I can say that this health insurance company is definitely among the top health insurance service provider.


Aetna is a health insurance company founded in 1853 and have been providing quality health insurance services since then. This health insurance provider has more then 660,000 doctors and medical experts.
The company has the highest customer service and communication ratings in Florida and also in New Jersey for highest claims processing and customer service rating.


Human is a big healthcare insurance provider mainly in the USA. Having served over 10 million members, it has a high reputation among it customers.
The health insurance company has international business interests in Western Europe and Asia and still interested in other continents too.
Humana supports the accountable care payment model, in which doctors get specific bonus for keeping patients healthy.
I just revealed the 5 top rated health or medical insurance companies that can help insure your health. Did you find this article helpful? Then share to your friends using the share buttons. Don’t hesitate to comment if you have any challenge in choosing a health insurance company or plans. Good Luck!

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