5 Most Anticipated 2019 Horror Movies 2019 and Beyond with Release Date

2019 Horror movies are gonna be more horrific than ever. Horror movies have various categories like possession, slasher, ghost, haunted house, urban legend, monsters, vampires, etc. One of the things that make me like horror movies is that they keep me in suspense and also leaves me with nightmares. I hardly predict the next two scenes correctly. Are you a horror or scary movie fan like me? Then get ready to clutch your pillows with fear while watching. This movie review article will reveal the five most anticipated 2019 horror films for you here and their release dates. Just be vigilant like a watch dog and never miss anyone as soon as it is released. I have also written an article on where you can watch trailers and also download latest HD movies of different categories. Check it out!

trending 2019 horror movies with release date

5 Most Trending 2019 Horror Movies You Should Not Miss

Now let’s see the anticipated 2019 horror films and their release dates.

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1. The Prodigy

The Prodigy 2019 horror movie

This is a horror movie to be released on Feb 8, 2019. This movie is directed by Nicholas McCarthy and it is written by Jeff Bugler.

It stars Brittany Allen, Taylor shilling, Peter Mooney, Jackson Robert Scott and Olunike Adeliyi.

The plot follows the story of a mother (Sarah) who tries to find out the cause of her Son evil behavior by loving and protecting him. I can’t wait to watch this, it’s gonna be interesting!

2. Pet Sematary

Pet sematary 2019 horror movie

This movie is to be released on April 4, 2019. It is directed by Kevin Kolsh and Dennis Widmyer. Casts are Hago Lavote, John Lithgow, Amy Siemete, Jason Clarke and Jete Laurence.

The plot says a story about Dr Louis house which is near a cemetery of dead dogs and cats killed by transport in highway that faces Dr Louis house. While taking a walk in the woods, Louis found another graveyard where the family cat is killed.

3. The GrudgeThe Grudge reboot 2019 horror movie

To be released on August 16, 2019. This movie is an horror movie directed by Nicholas Pesce and it cast are Betly Silpin, Andrea Kiseborough, Lin Shaye, William Sadler, Damian Birchir and John Cho.

It is a reboot of the grudge whose plot follows story of a house that was caused by a vengatul ghost and it causes violent death to anyone that enters into this house.

We always watch this type of films, Haunted house, Caused house and all that. I think this movie will feature series of suspense and body shaking moments!

4. World War Z2World War Z2 2019 horror movie

This is an horror zombie movie to be released on March 1, 2019. World war Z2 is directed by David Fincher.

World war Z2 is the continuation of the first world war Z whose plot follows the story of Former united Nation Employer(Garry Lane) and his mission to change the world while stopping zombie attacks which threatens humanity.

Another Zombie movie in 2019, March looks too long, they must release this fast, I love the former World war Z and am seriously waiting for the world war Z2, I hope you’re also doing that!

5. WoundsWounds 2019 horror movie

Wounds is a drama, mystery and horror movie directed by Babek Anvari. The movie would be released on 29, March 2019. The plot follows the story of mysterious things happening to a bartender who picks up a phone left behind his bars.

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All the movies you see are gonna be like no other, ranging from zombies to Vampires to Human eaters and ghosts, Let’s wait for them for them together!

Did I miss any trending 2019 horror movie? Remind me in the comment section. Help me reach your friends in the social media by clicking a share button below. Enjoy!

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