50 Ladies Trending Hairstyles For Different Face Shapes

Fashion is all about discovering what fits you most and sticking to it. This also applies to ladies hairstyles. Some hairstyles are meant for certain face shapes while some others fit any face shapes. Your ability to discover hairstyles that fits your face makes you look beautiful and unique and at the same time, attractive to men. Most celebrities like Rihanna Mohawk, Katy Perry, Kate Mara, Kelly Osbourne, Kiernan Shipka, Sienna Miller, Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Cindy Crawford, Elizabeth Debicki, Dita von Teese, Farrah Fawcett, Faux Perm, Funky Chignon, Jada Pinkett Smith, Janelle Monae, Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba, Jessica Simpson, Kerry Washinton, etc. were able to win the hearts of their fans by the unique hairstyles they wear. Your ability to discover the hair extensions styles and colours, braid styles and wigs that matches your skin colour makes you a cool fashion star. A hairstyle can also help you win the heart of your lover or crush. This fashion article will reveal 50 ladies trending hairstyles for any face shape.


50 Trending Celebrity Hairstyles For Ladies

  1. Ladies Afro Hairstyleafro Hairstyle for ladies
  2. Balloon Ponytail Hairstylebaloon ponytail Hairstyle for ladies
  3. Ladies Bangs Hairstylebangs Hairstyle for ladies
  4. Beehive Hairstylebeehive Hairstyle for ladies
  5. Bubble Ponytail Hairstylebubble ponytail Hairstyle for ladies
  6. Carrie Underwood’s Hairstylecarrie underwood Hairstyle for ladies
  7. Cindy Crawford’s Hairstylecindy crawford Hairstyle for ladies
  8. Cornrow’s Braid Hairstylecornrows Hairstyle for ladies
  9. Dita von Teese Satiny Retro Vibe Hairstyledita von teese satiny retro vibe Hairstyle for ladies
  10. Double Half-Pony Hairstyledouble half-pony Hairstyle for ladiesSee: 22 Stylish Ways To Wear Jeans And Blazer – For Men And Women
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  11. Elizabeth Debicki’s Hairstyleelizabeth debicki Hairstyle for ladies
  12. Farrah Fawcett’s Hairstylefarrah fawcett Hairstyle for ladies
  13. Faux Perm’s Hairstylefaux perms Hairstyle for ladies
  14. Feathered bangs Hairstylefeathered bangs Hairstyle for ladies
  15. Ladies Fish Tail Hairstylefish tail Hairstyle for ladies
  16. Funky Chignon’s Hairstylefunky chignon Hairstyle for ladies
  17. Ladies Headbands Hairstyleheadbands Hairstyle for ladies
  18. Hipstar Bun’s Hairstylehipstar bun Hairstyle for ladies
  19. Jada Pinkett Smith’s Hairstylejada pinkett smith Hairstyle for ladies
  20. Janelle Monae’s Hairstylejanelle monae Hairstyle for ladies
  21. Jennifer Lawrence’s Hairstylejennifer lawrence Hairstyle for ladies
  22. Jennifer Lopez’s Hairstylejennifer lopez Hairstyle for ladies
  23. Jessica Alba’s Hairstylejessica alba Hairstyle for ladies
  24. Jessica Simpson’s Hairstylejessica simpson Hairstyle for ladies
  25. Kate Mara’s Double Top Knot Hairstylekate mara double top knot Hairstyle for ladies
  26. Katy Perry’s Crimped Hair Hairstylekaty perry crimped hair Hairstyle for ladies
  27. Katy Perry’s Short Hairstylekaty perry short Hairstyle for ladies
  28. Kelly Osbourne Severe Undercut Hairstylekelly osbourne severe undercut Hairstyle for ladies
  29. Kerry Washinton’s Hairstyle for ladieskerry washinton Hairstyle for ladies
  30. Kiernan Shipka 80’s Curls Hairstylekiernan shipka 80s curls Hairstyle for ladies
  31. Lob with Deep Side part Hairstylelob with deep side part Hairstyle for ladiesSee: 26 Latest Recommended Men’s Haircuts And Hairstyles
  32. Long Long Locks Hairstylelong long locks Hairstyle for ladies
  33. Madonna’s Short Hairstylemadonna's short Hairstyle for ladies
  34. Middle-Parted Bang Hairstylemiddle-parted bang Hairstyle for ladies
  35. Movement Hairstylemovement Hairstyle for ladies
  36. Ladies Natural Curls Hairstylenatural curls Hairstyle for ladies
  37. Rachel’s Hairstylerachel's Hairstyle for ladies
  38. Rihanna Mohawk’s blunt bob Hairstylerihannas blunt bob Hairstyle for ladies
  39. Rihanna’s Mohawk Hairstyle for ladiesrihanna's mohawk Hairstyle for ladies
  40. Ladies Shaved Sides Hairstyleshaved sides Hairstyle for ladies
  41. Short and Cropped Hairstyleshort and cropped Hairstyle for ladies
  42. Sienna Miller’s Short Hairstylesienna miller's short Hairstyle for ladies
  43. Solange Hairstylesolange Hairstyle for ladies
  44. Ladies Space Buns Hairstylespace buns Hairstyle for ladies
  45. Spiky Pixie Hairstylespiky pixie Hairstyle for ladies
  46. Taylor Swift’s Short Hairstyletaylor swift's short Hairstyle for ladies
  47. Two-Toned Blonde Hairstyletwo-toned blonde Hairstyle for ladies
  48. Ladies Undone Updos Hairstyleundone updos Hairstyle for ladies
  49. Updated Shag HairstyleUpdated Shag Hairstyle for ladies
  50. Zendaya’s Brushed-Out Waves Hairstylezendaya brushed-out waves Hairstyle for ladies

I just revealed some trending ladies hairstyles, hair extensions and braid styles for different face shapes which most worldwide celebrities wear. Discover the ones that most suits your face shapes and try them out.

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